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Knowledge and Advocacy Adviser, Public Investment Governance

SURGe Project is looking for а Knowledge and Advocacy Adviser who will be responsible for the organization of peer learning among communities, collection and sharing of knowledge and lessons learnt on resolving public investment gaps through various avenues, supporting awareness-raising activities. The Advisor will also be responsible for facilitating advocacy activities to support policy and regulatory changes related to public investment governance. To apply: Submissions must be prepared in English and delivered by 17:00 Kyiv time on June 28, 2021. >>>>

Regional Development Adviser in Cherkaska Oblast

SURGe Project is looking for а Regional Development Adviser in Cherkaska Oblast who will be responsible for capacity development and advice to pilot communities/oblast on regional development instruments that create new quality of life and enhance re >>>>

Project manager on the implementation of the Unified State Register of Convictsc

SURGe Project is looking for project manager who will provide support with modernization of Unified Register of Convicted and Detained Persons. >>>>

Strategic Planning / Reform Monitoring Expert

SURGe Project is looking for Strategic Planning / Reform Monitoring Expert who will be responsible for design and implementation of strategic planning and reform monitoring processes in Ministries according to RBM principles. >>>>

Expert on inclusive education

SURGe Project is looking for аn Expert on inclusive education to develop and deliver a set of recommendations, training materials on special education needs policy, as well as to lead the needs assessment on inclusive education. >>>>

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