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Старший проектний менеджер

Команда підтримки реформ при Мінфіні шукає Старшого проектного менеджера (Реформування співпраці з Міжнародними фінансовими організаціями). Дедлайн - 19.08.2018 (далі - англ.).

Більше вакансій у розділі Вакансії.

Reform Priority. State-Owned Banks Reform and Improvement of International Financial Cooperation Process

POSITION: Senior Project Manager (Category 1, IFI Cooperation Improvement)

  1. 1.     Objective(s) and linkages to Reforms

The Senior Project Manager will ensure the coordinated actions of the Reform Support Team for the implementation of the reform focus areas as described in Section 6B of the agreed reform programme:

(i) development and approval of a new IFI portfolio monitoring procedures and standards applicable to all IFI loans in their post signing phase, including application of EU best practices in terms of IFI project implementation management, such as:

  • active participation in the new project ‘IFI register’ to build transparent and open web-based register containing information on all IFI loans to ensure input of core data such as: project description, amount of an IFI loan, key terms, key legal obligations, repayment schedules, monitoring milestones, etc;
  • oversight of the design of an adequate filing system for easy access to the IFI loan documentation and any relevant supporting project documentation – to be easily available for MOF reporting purposes and monitoring management;
  • sourcing and implementation of project implementation monitoring system to allow for supervision of implementation and disbursements as agreed and reflected in the relevant IFI loans;
  • oversight of periodic procurement and implementation portfolio meetings with relevant IFIs – introduction of procedures for relevant coordination and priority flagging of core implementation issues (upstream to relevant local authorities as well as downstream to relevant borrowers and line Ministries).

(ii) review and formulation of potential new regulatory changes/ undertakings aimed at improving disbursements and resolving critical issues affecting the IFI loan implementation;

(iii) review and optimize the process and methodology of the borrower’s (i.e. beneficiary of the investment project) financial standing assessment to be monitored over the life of any IFI loan;

(iv) review and development of recommendations on loan portfolio optimization to increase the level of limits’ utilization;

(v) in the municipal area, improve and intensify cooperation between municipalities, the MoF, other Ministries and IFIs.

By the end of December 2018 the Ministry of Finance, with the assistance of the RST (in particular the Senior Project Manager), will ensure that the processes of cooperation with IFIs are revised and optimized and new IFI strategy is developed.

  1. 2.     Duration and proposed timeframe:

Duration of assignment is until 31 December 2018 (with possible extension until June 2019, subject to availability of donor funding) with starting date not later than 1 September 2018, including a 2-month probation period.

  1. 3.     Main Duties and Responsibilities:

a. Coordination and facilitation of reform implementation process

i. coordination and facilitation of Reform Support Team activities – in particular with regard to steps defined in 6B of the reform undertakings table.

  1. engagement and cooperation with relevant stakeholders (experts, other Ministries and government officials, municipalities, sovereign borrowers, donors, IFIs, and other counterparts concerning issues of undisbursed loans
  2. resolution of problems and obstacles encountered during implementation, identification and communication of issues requiring decision of the RST Director and/or the Reform Council
    1. b.    Reform Teams (Working Groups) support

i. project management support (development of project/reform implementation plan, risk management, change management, etc.)

  1. organization of events, round tables, conferences and forums to engage stakeholders on key reform themes and policy proposals
  2. preparation of timely and quality reports and status updates on reform implementation progress to the Minister and the RST Director, as well as for publication


  1. 4.     Main anticipated deliverables:

-          Increase in effective resolution of implementation related issues across IFI funded transactions;

-          Established and operational IFI cooperation procedure for monitoring IFI portfolio;

-          Operational IFI register;

-          Development and approval of the process of cooperation between the MoF and the state institution «International Financial Cooperation Projects Office» (IFCP Office) to facilitate the process of interaction with IFIs and to reduce the workload of the MoF;


  1. 5.     Qualifications, Skills and Experience:


5.1  Qualifications and skills:

-          Master’s degree in Law, Financial and/or International Law, Finance, Economics, Accounting/Auditing, Business Administration;

-          Experience in managing implementation of complex public sector investments/transactions;

-          Strong organizational management, communication and presentation skills;

-          PC literacy (PowerPoint, Project, Excel, Word; Visio is an asset);

-          Fluency in Ukrainian and English;

-          Good inter-personal skills.

5.2 General professional experience:

-          Preferably more than 10 years of general professional experience (minimum 5 years of relevant professional experience) in public finance-related development projects,

-          Preferably 5 years of experience in International Law.

5.3 Specific professional experience:

-          Proven knowledge and professional experience in International Law, Finance, Economics, Accounting/Auditing, Business administration;

-          Deep knowledge in banking legal/regulatory framework;

-          Experience in organization’s restructuring and reorganization, in corporate governance and administration of large modern companies in Ukraine or abroad;

-          Familiarity with the reform agenda in Ukraine, good understanding of policy formulation process is an asset;

-          Experience of cooperation/ with IFIs is an asset;

-          Experience in leading multidisciplinary teams is an asset.

  1. 6.     Assignment Value

The proposed RST Member Gross pay range for Category 1 positions is EUR 1200 – 1800. The exact rate will be made by the Recruitment Committee comprised of representatives of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and international donors.

  1. 7.     Submissions

Submissions must be prepared in English only and be delivered electronically by August 19, 2018 to the following address: [email protected]

All submissions must include a completed Application Form [], the candidate’s Curriculum Vitae and Reference Letter from a recent supervisor.

Only applications which have been submitted using the correct template and are completed will be considered.



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