Соціальний працівник для БО «РОКАДА»

Благодійний фонд РОКАДА оголошує конкурс на посаду соціального працівника по роботі з біженцями. Вакансія передбачає досконале знання англійської. Дедлайн - 15 березня 2018 року (далі - англ.).

Більше вакансій у розділі Вакансії


  • Providing consulting services to refugees on social rights; receiving social assistance, access to medical care, search for a place of residence, appointment of help from specialized specialists, assistance in integration  of refugees into Ukrainian society;
  • Advising particularly vulnerable categories of refugees: women, the elderly, people with special needs, unaccompanied minors;
  • Work with refugees who have been victims of torture or violence before arriving in Ukraine;
  • Assessing the vulnerability of asylum seekers and refugees in accordance with established criteria of vulnerability; collecting information regarding their state of health, family status, place of residence and social status;
  • On a regular basis, carrying out home visits to the place of residence/stay of clients, in order to assess the condition and living conditions;
  • Processing and analysis of the received information with obligatory filling in the form of social assessment;
  • Preparation of lists of refugees with special needs in order to provide them with basic necessities;
  • Preparation of individual plans for overcoming difficult life circumstances for refugees, identification of specialists who should help to improve the social situation of the client;
  • Systematic maintenance of electronic database of clients and services rendered;
  • Submission of monthly and quarterly written reports.


  • Higher education in the field of social work;
  • The skills and expertise which are necessary for work with socially vulnerable groups of the population, including psychosocial rehabilitation skills are required;
  • To be culturally sensitive to all races and religions;
  • Fluency in English is required (spoken and written);
  • Experience in working with modern computer and office equipment;
  • Ability to work with a large array of documents;
  • Steady observance of the ethical rules of social work with refugees;
  • Work experience in the field of social protection of the population will be an advantage.

Interested candidates are invited to submit their CV and letter of interest, with “Application for Social Worker” in the subject line at [email protected] no later than arch, 15, 2018.


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