Міністерство охорони здоров'я України шукає ІТ-менеджера. Дедлайн - 20 жовтня 2017 р. (далі - англ.).

Більше вакансій у розділі Вакансії.

Location: Kyiv, UKRAINE

Application Deadline: 20-Oct-17

Post Level: National Consultant

Duration of Initial Contract : March 2017 with possible extension


The Government of Ukraine is in urgent need to secure the availability of the State Programme medicines and essential health commodities at affordable prices and in sufficient quantities. Acknowledging the challenges of the State procurement and supply management system and following recently adopted legislation, allowing the selected international organizations to provide procurement support services, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (MOH) has requested the UN to support the procurement and distribution of a number of 2015 State Programme medicines and other medical products as an emergency measure.

UNDP in Ukraine is fully committed to play this role in resolving the immediate crisis and to support the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in its mid- and long-term efforts to reform its procurement and supply management system. UNDP brings its extensive expertise in establishing the procurement system that corresponds to the highest standards of transparency, accountability, cost-efficiency, equity and sustainability.

UNDP together with other UN Agencies (UNICEF and WHO) developed a Joint Project aimed at strengthening the national health care procurement system and thereby improving the effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment of the patients of Ukraine. Specifically, in the framework of the project, UNDP plans to (i) procure medicines and medical products for the National Public Health Programmes for 2015 and ongoing years as needed, (ii) strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Health to ensure transparency, accountability and effectiveness of the public procurement of medicines and other medical products.

The MOH of Ukraine established the Working Group (WG) on provision and coordination of public procurement through specialized organizations. The main goal of the WG is to provide professional assistance and coordination on planning and conducting public health procurement through international organizations (UNICEF, UNDP and Crown Agents). The established WG, which meets on a regular basis, but is not a permanent body, is in need of full-time administrative support in order to carry out its functions, and to make it possible to carry out its intensive work, arrange meetings and perform coordination tasks. This is expected to be done through established Secretariat of the mentioned WG, other relevant multi-sectorial groups and appointed and responsible staff of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

The Specialist in IT Infrastructure is expected to work up to 6 months (with possible extension) and the MOH will be responsible for all administrative arrangements, work-progress reporting and monitoring of the Secretariat’s experts’ performance.

Duties and Responsibilities


The Specialist in IT Infrastructure Management and Support will be a member of the Secretariat of the MOH and provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in IT Infrastructure management and support, as well as hardware and software digitalized procurement and stock management.


  • The Specialist in IT Infrastructure Management and Support will provide technical assistance on functioning of the IT system on e-procurement and digital stock management system. Specifically, s/he will perform the following key tasks:
  • Consult on the implementation and operation of the information and analytical unified system of centralized data base of immunobiological drugs, medicines and medical devices in health care facilities of Ukraine;
  • Provide suggestions on the use of computer equipment and computer information technology;
  • Provide assistance on installation, configuration and optimization of system software and development of application software;
  • Connect and replace external devices, test computers;
  • Ensure the maintenance of computer databases and other existing software;
  • Participate in the developing and maintaining the local computer network of the PA;
  • Organize maintenance of contracts with third-party organizations, that provide services in communication, software and hardware equipment of the agency;
  • Ensure the exchange of local network information with external organizations via telecommunication channels;
  • Test individual devices, computer equipment, cable lines of the local network;
  • Eliminate any emergency situations related to the software and databases damage;
  • Provide technical support to existing local networks and software;
  • Organize computers’ reparation with the involvement of specialized organizations;
  • Take measures to not disclose information that constitutes a commercial secret of the agency and became known in connection with the performance of his/her official duties;
  • Train the employees of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and PA on system software use and mastering of applied software;
  • Maintain other duties upon request.


  • Demonstrate/safeguard ethics and integrity;

  • Demonstrate corporate knowledge and sound judgment;

  • Self-development, initiative-taking;

  • Act as a team player;

  • Encourage and participate in open communication in the team, communicate effectively;

  • Create synergies through self-control;

  • Manage conflict;

  • Informed and transparent decision-making.

Required Skills and Experience

Minimum qualifications and experience:


  • University degree in IT Management, Data Analytics, Cyber Security and other relevant area.


  • at least 2 years of work experience in providing IT infrastructure management and support and operational systems;

  • Prior experience of working with public procurement/health sector is an asset;

  • Fluency in Ukrainian and working knowledge of English is required.


Lowest price and technically compliant offer

For more details and instructions how to apply please refer:



  • https://jobs.undp.org/cj_view_job.cfm?cur_job_id=75079
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