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Local Journalism Innovation Initiative

Безкоштовний тренінг для українських журналістів регіональних ЗМІ від провідних німецьких експертів.  Дедлайн -1 лютого 2019 р.

Exploring new strategies for local journalism!
How can independent journalism fulfill its functions for democracy and be profitable under changing technical and social conditions? How can we harness digital media for better journalism? How can we raise awareness of the value of journalism? What business models are there for regional quality journalism? And what does it take for journalists to become relevant actors in the digital environment? These are some of the questions at the core of the Local Journalism Innovation Initiative.
The aim of this innovative workshop, facilitated by renowned international experts in the field of journalism, is to identify concrete strategies for future financing, production, and marketing of journalism. The program consists of theoretical inputs, joint discussions and practical exercises on key competencies and challenges related to journalism in the 21st century.
The working language of this 4-day seminar in English. The organizers will cover travel, accommodation, and board during the workshops.7-10 March, Lviv, Ukraine.

 Who can apply?
The program addresses young Ukrainian leaders (20-32) who work as local journalists, bloggers or as journalism scholars/students at universities. They should be passionate about their role in the democratic process and take an active interest in the future of journalism. English proficiency is required. Participants need to make themselves available for the complete duration of both workshops.

Who are the organizers?
The workshop is organized by the Institute for Media and Communications Policy gGmbH and elda - european leadership and debate academy ( Funding is provided by the German Federal Foreign Office.

The organizers will cover travel, accommodation and board during the workshop.

How to apply?
To apply, please fill out this online application no later than 01 February 2019.



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Дата проведення: 7-10 березня у м. Львiв

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