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Конкурс від Фонду прав людини Посольства Нідерландів

Фонд прав людини Посольства Нідерландів оголошує конкурс грантів. Дедлайн - 1 листопада 2019 року.


The HRF  Programme of the Embassy invites NGOs to submit concept notes by 1 November 2019.

It is expected that projects will start after the 1st of April, 2020.

Priority areas

  • Promoting freedom of the media and internet freedom;
  • Supporting the work of human rights defenders;
  • Tackling discrimination and violence, against women and minorities, especially – LGBTI and Roma;
  • Promoting freedom of religion and belief;
  • Business and human rights.

Eligibility criteria

Applicants should meet the following criteria:

  • Be registered according to the Ukrainian legislation;
  • Have an adequate track record, proven management capacity, and expertise in the selected priority areas;
  • Be in operation for at least one year. 

Submission details

The project proposal should be submitted in a standard concept note form, in MS Word format. Each question must be answered in strict accordance with the required maximum of words. The font size cannot be smaller than Verdana 9.  Any concept note not meeting these basic technical requirements will be disqualified without appraisal.

The concept note form can be downloaded from:

Concept notes should meet the following criteria:

  • Focus on one or more of the above-mentioned priority areas;
  • Lead to specific, measurable and meaningful results;
  • Not duplicate activities funded by other donors;
  • Be written in proper English. No Google translation will be accepted;
  • The requested contribution should range between UAH 1.000.000 and UAH 2.000.000; or up to UAH 3.500.000 in case of a partnership/consortium projects with sub-grants to one or more NGOs (with a special focus on NGOs in the regions and small communities);
  • Maximum project duration: 24 months;
  • Twinning with Dutch civil society organisations can be considered.

Concept notes should be sent to:

Please identify your concept note as 2020 HRF Call / Your organisation’s name.

The project selection will take place by 1 December 2019. 

All applicants will be informed of the results by e-mail. The applicants of the selected concept notes will be invited to submit a detailed project proposal.


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КАК понять "Дедлайн - 1 листопада 2019 року."?
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