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USAID SOERA seeks a Digital/Sоcіаl Mеdia Marketing (SMM) Specialist / SMM фахівець/чиня

Deloitte is seeking a qualified candidate for the USAID State-Owned Enterprises Reform Activity in Ukraine (Ukraine SOERA) to serve as a Digital/Social Media Marketing (SMM) Specialist. The position is full-time in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

Project Background 

USAID SOERA program aims to strengthen public sector business operations and transparency, improve governance and oversight, advance SOE privatization, and develop a strategic management model for SOEs remaining in state ownership. Smart reform and targeted privatization of Ukraine’s SOEs will reduce opportunities for corruption, increase private sector participation, and stimulate broad-based economic growth. Project components include: 

  • Component 1: State Property Transfer
  • Component 2: State Property Management
  • Component 3: Individual SOE/MOE Support
  • Component 4: Restoration and Reconstruction
  • Component 5: Accountable Public Financial Management. 


The objective for the SMM/Digital Specialist within the USAID SOERA program would be to strategically leverage social media and digital platforms to enhance project visibility, stakeholder engagement, and dissemination of key information of the project. This specialist will play a crucial role in amplifying the project’s message, building partnerships, and facilitating digital engagement and communication around the program’s goals. 

Duties and responsibilities:

  1. Develop and Implement Content Plan: Create a detailed content plan outlining the themes, topics, and formats for social media posts and digital content. Ensure alignment with SOERA’s objectives and priorities.
  2. Manage SOERA’s Digital Presence: Establish and maintain project pages on social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Regularly update these platforms with relevant content and engage with followers to foster a sense of community and support.
  3. Coordinate Digital Content Production: Support the Communication Specialist and other team members to produce and share high-quality digital media content, including graphic design elements, written content, motion graphics, infographics, videos, and other multimedia products. 
  4. Short-Term Task Formulation: Develop short-term tasks such as posting plans, content creation schedules, and digital media development initiatives in alignment with SOERA’s priorities and objectives. 
  5. Performance Analysis and Optimization: Analyze social media performance data and campaign metrics to assess effectiveness and identify areas for improvement. Implement A/B testing and optimization strategies to maximize engagement, reach, and conversion rates.
  6. Collaboration between Teams: Work closely with communications & digital media personnel from USAID/USG to create, disseminate, and coordinate SOERA’s digital content.
  7. Other Digital Media Related Tasks: Undertake additional digital media-related tasks. This may include special projects and ad-hoc assignments. 

Position Requirements

  • Strong communicator.
  • Professional experience in digital marketing - at least 3-5 years.
  • Experience and understanding of how to communicate effectively on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
  • Experience developing a digital media plan.
  • Background in social media content creation and support.
  • Knowledge and experience working with international assistance projects preferred.
  • Knowledge of graphic and video editing software.
  • English proficiency - Upper Intermediate.
  • Kyiv residence.

Candidates are requested to send a CV, cover letter and 2-3 professional references to [email protected] no later than May 19, 2024. Please indicate the following in the subject field of the email: SOERA SMM Specialist – Application”. Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview.



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