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HR Officer / Спеціаліст відділу кадрів

Norwegian People's Aid is looking for an HR Officer to fill in a full-time position in our main office in Kyiv.

General responsibilities

  • •  Adhere to Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) Global HR Policy for national staff, NPA Country Office HR policies and procedures, and the national law.
  • •  Provide day-to-day HR/Admin in various HR functions.
  • •  Advise and assist NPA management on all HR/Admin related queries, ensuring that national Law and regulations are fully followed.


Specific duties

  • •  Lead all recruitment processes by preparing and publishing job announcements, receiving application forms, contacting applicants and arranging interviews, archiving job announcement documentation, informing successful and unsuccessful candidates. 
  • •  Take interview minutes, prepare and submit hiring reports, short list of candidates, etc. provide NPA management with all hiring documentation.
  • •  Provide organisational information to all new-comers and introduce them in NPA HR policies and procedures, as well as local regulations.
  • •  Prepare all type of contracts for all NPA local staff (training and employment contracts, as well as short-term engagements), ensuring that all contracts are in line with national Law and regulations and NPA policies.
  • •  Deliver all HR documentation to HR/Payroll Officer and assist in handling of all personnel files for all NPA local employees.
  • •  Asist HR/Payroll Officer in managing the leave system and keeping accurate HR records (timesheets, sick and other leaves, etc.)
  • •  Asist HR/Payroll Officer in ensuring that every personnel file has archived copy of national ID card, job application, CV, contract of employment, code of conduct, training records, records on disciplinary actions, appraisals, leave records as well as emergency contact records.
  • •  Preparing and providing of all employees with organizational HR/Admin information, ensuring that all HR/Admin matters are shared timely and with all employees in NPA.
  • •  Control received monthly timesheets (TSs) ensuring that all are signed by superiors and employees in accordance to NPA and donor policies.
  • •  Asist in preparation of payroll calculations, social insurance payments, tax deductions and other payments on a timely basis and on timely providing finance department with all information related to payroll, leaves, new commers.
  • •  Participate in all trainings, ensuring that all trainings, courses and workshops are supported with proper documentation and all records achieved.
  • •  Participate in all disciplinary processes and taking records of those.
  • •  Provide advises and assistance in developing of staff capacity building plans.
  • •  Coordinate preparation of local HR/Admin procedures and policies ensuring that those are in line with NPA Global HR Policy for national staff and legal Law regulations.
  • •  Conduct other HR/Admin work, related to insurances for local employees, contacts with legal entities, law representatives, lawyers, local partners and the government.
  • •  Provide management with all information related to HR/Admin.
  • •  Constantly follows local Law regulations related to HR/Admin changes and timely inform management on changes.
  • •  Report superiors any irregularity discovered during regular HR/Admin work and in HR/Admin documentation received.
  • •  Manage maintenance of accurate filing systems of all incoming, outgoing correspondence and all other contracts, service, and lease (rental) agreements.
  • •  Assist with national and international travel arrangements for NPA staff and NPA visitors.
  • •  Coordinate preparation of various types of identification cards, visas and other registrations for international and national staff.

Must have:

  • •  University degree/diploma in a relevant subject and/or HR field (preferably but not exclusively in Law).
  • •  Mother tongue in Ukrainian and Russian languages.
  • •  Fluent English language skill - both written and spoken.
  • •  Computer and Microsoft software skills.
  • •  Minimum three years of experience within HR/Admin sector (preferably but not exclusively within the humanitarian sector)
  • •  Minimum two years of experience in managing human resources.
  •   Experience in developing and preparation payrolls in accordance to Law and policies in the country.
  • •  Previous work experience in insecure environments and able to work effectively under difficult conditions.

Please, send you CV via e-mail: [email protected]




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