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Вакансія: Logistics Officer in Kharkiv

HEKS/EREP is looking for the Log-Officer will supervise the Logistics team of the base. The purpose of the position is to supervise all logistic activities regarding the projects and HEKS base:

  • Management of the fleet of vehicles / equipment
  • Stock and assets Management
  • Procurement – supply
  • Management of office and guest houses contracts and functioning
  • Participation in security management

Key responsibilities :

  • Support management of the fleet of vehicles/equipment
    • Organize the allocation and provision of the vehicles/equipment
    • Identify the requirements and choose the suppliers
    • Provide training in the handling of equipment and develop operating procedures
    • Ensure a proper follow up of movement and fuel is in place (log book, monthly fuel follow up, etc.)
    • Monitor the additional equipment required and advise on the purchase
    • Ensure that the preventive and curative maintenance of vehicles is done
    • Diagnose breakdowns and organize the repairs
    • Install the equipment and maintain it
    • Implement the monitoring tools
  • Support procurement – supply – Transport of goods
    • Handle orders and service contracts according to the established rules
    • Together with the Logistics Coordinator and the Logistics Officer, organize the different stages in purchasing goods and services: orders, tracking, taking delivery, any customs clearance, conformity checks and budget check
    • Ensure purchasing logistics procedures are followed
    • Choose the methods of transporting and packaging the merchandise
    • Schedule shipments and track them up to their final destination
    • Organise the local transport
  • Support stock Management
    • Choose the storage site and its layout plan
    • Ensure the flow of merchandise is organized
    • Take delivery of the merchandise and check the quality & quantity
    • See to the physical management of the stock and in particular, attend to phytosanitary measures and expiry dates if needed
    • Monitor the stock list and implement the relevant tools (stock cards, bin cards etc..)
  • Support equipment and accessories management
    • Identification, registration and labeling of all the equipment.
    • Follow up and update of the equipment and accessories’ list  
  • Support management of office and guest houses contracts and functioning
    • Handle rental contracts for all premises
    • Handle contracts linked to utilities of the premises (water, electricity, etc)
    • Ensure adequate and required equipment/furniture are in place and functioning
    • Ensure follow up and supply of office supplies
    • Organize various maintenance and repairs if needed
  • Coordination and General support
    • Organize travels in the framework of the projects (planning, vehicles, tracking movements, escort, etc.)
    • Provide team members with the information necessary for the successful implementation of the projects
    • Make suggestions and participate in the development of new tools in his/her field of activity
    • Create strategies to improve the support for the programs in the intervention zone
  • Other
    • Agree to comply with HEKS Code of Conduct and promote Child Safeguarding policy.
    • Report serious cases of abuse on children that she/he would be aware of in HEKS’s intervention locations. Strict confidentiality must be respected.
    • Adhere to and enforce current administrative and logistical regulations and procedures
    • Work in close collaboration with wash and protection projects and departments.

Job requirements:


  • At least 2 years’ experience in a similar position
  • Advance IT knowledge (hardware and software, Microsoft Office, Internet)
  • Previous experience with an NGO
  • Previous experience in emergency response is appreciated


  • Required qualities: organized, sense of human relations, diplomacy, communication skills
  • Desirable: proactive, autonomous, rigorous, analytical, willingness and motivation to work in an international and intercultural context


  • Fluent in Ukrainian and English (written and spoken)

Qualified candidates should send their CV and cover letter in English to [email protected]. Only short-listed candidates will receive notice requesting additional information.


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