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Enаbling Environment Lead - Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure in Ukraine Activity


  1. Activity Background: 

The purpose of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure in Ukraine Activity (“the Activity”is to strengthen the resilience of Ukraine’s critical infrastructure from cyberattacks by establishing trusted collaboration between key cybersecurity stakeholders in the government, private sector, academia, and civil society. The Activity aims to achieve this goal byimplementingthe following activity components: 


Component 1: Strengthen the cybersecurity enabling environment 

The legal, regulatory, and institutional framework for national cybersecurity in Ukraine needs to be strengthened and aligned with international standards and best practices. This component will strengthen the cybersecurity resilience of Ukraine’s critical infrastructure sectors by addressing legislative gaps, promoting good governance, enabling collaboration between stakeholders, and supporting cybersecurity institutions. This component will also build the technical capacity of key sectors through increased access to cybersecurity technology and equipment. 


Component 2: Develop Ukraine’s cybersecurity workforce 

Ukraine suffers from a severe shortage of cybersecurity professionals. This component of the USAID Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure in Ukraine Activity will address workforce gaps through activities that develop new cybersecurity talent and build the capacity of existing talent. These activities will address the entire workforce pipeline, the quality of education received by cybersecurity specialists, and industry training programs to rapidly upskill Ukraine’s workforce to respond to immediate cybersecurity vulnerabilities. 


Component 3: Build a resilient cybersecurity industry 

A growing cybersecurity industry in Ukraine will contribute directly to national security and prosperity. This component will seek to build trust and collaboration between the public and private sector to develop innovative solutions for future cybersecurity challenges; spur investment and growth in the broader cybersecurity market in Ukraine through greater access to financing; support smaller cybersecurity companies to rapidly increase the number of local cybersecurity service providers; and offer mechanisms for Ukrainian firms to connect with industry partners to enable better access to innovations and business opportunities.  


Together the above components will improve short-term cybersecurity resilience in Ukraine and establish a solid foundation for long-term cybersecurity independence and leadership. Lessons and best practices from key critical infrastructure sectors will extend to all parts of the public sector, as well as to the private sector and civil society. 


  1. Role’s Purpose: 

The Enabling Environment Lead will provide subject matter expertise to advise the DeputyChief of Party (DCOP)and Chief of Party (COP) and ensuresuccessful implementation of Component 1 as described above. This will include maintaining a detailed knowledge of all aspects of the cybersecurity enabling environment in Ukraine: legislation, policies, regulations, standards, organizational structure, and stakeholders across the public, private, and civil sectors. Key to the success of the role is managing and maintaining the relationships with key Government of Ukraine (GOU) stakeholders, understanding their priorities, and determining areas where the Activity can / should provide support. An understanding of international best practices and standards will help to ensure that Ukraine is aligned to the international cybersecurity framework and community.The Enabling Environment Lead will develop and execute the work plans for numerous tasks under Component 1, as well as coordinate closely with the other components and tasks to ensure successful coordination and efficient use of resources. Tracking of all tasks will allow for timely and accurate reporting of deliverables, milestones, results, and indicators.  


  1. Tasks/responsibilities: 

The Enabling Environment Lead will be responsible for the following key areas and related tasks: 


Activity Management and Reporting 

  • Provide guidance and oversight to all tasks under Component 1, including:  

  • Supporting implementation of the National Cybersecurity Strategy;  

  • Managinga strategic rapid response mechanism in support of GOU cybersecurity initiatives; and 

  • Managing the implementation of activities aimed at strengthening national preparedness, including establishing a threat intelligence sharing mechanism, developing a cyber maturity model, carrying out tabletop exercises, etc.   

  • Develop, update, and execute on detailed annual work plans for all tasks under Component 1;  

  • Identify resources needed for executing work plans and define scopes forShort-Term Technical Assistance (STTA); 

  • Develop, monitor, and report on all deliverables, results and indicators; and 

  • Co-ordinate with other USAID implementers, projects and donors, as necessary. 


Subject Matter Expertise: 

  • Liaise with the Activity’s cyber advisors to provide technical advice to the COP and DCOP; Monitor developments in Ukraine and globally as related to the cybersecurity enabling environment; 

  • Engage Government of Ukraine and other activity stakeholders in expert-level discussions, identifying and bringing in subject matter experts, as needed;   

  • Lead the completion of assessments and work closely with the Activity’s cyber advisors to prepare or review, as appropriate, draft legal and regulatory changes as stated in the Scope of Work and as requested by USAID; and 


Oversight and Leadership:  

  • Manage a team of task level activity managers for Component 1; 

  • Manage Component 1 STTA, reviewing and ensuring of the production of quality deliverables;  

  • Coordinate with implementing partners, other peer leads, including the Activity’s cyber advisors, CLA (Collaborating, Learning and Adapting) Manager, and the Director of Finance and Operations; and 

  • Attend meeting and events, serving as the Activity’s representative. 


  1. Output/deliverables:  

At a minimum, the Enabling Environment Lead will deliver the following, as well as additional deliverables as determined by the COP: 

  • Detailed annual workplans for all tasks under Component1; 

  • Regular briefings tothe COP and DCOP and, as needed, component leads and implementing partners,on all matters related to the cybersecurity enabling environment in Ukraine; 

  • Detailed presentations and briefings to USAID, other US Government, other donors, and GOUstakeholders; 

  • Arrange and attend meetings and events related to the cybersecurity enabling environment in Ukraine; 

  • Management guidance to a small team of task activity managers, including regular performance reviews; 

  • Assessment reports and drafts or reviews of legal and regulatory changes; and 

  • Detailed and high-quality reports as required per the Scope of Work, work plan, and as requested by the COP. 


  1. Qualifications / Experience:  

  • An advanced degree in law,public policy or administration, international relations, political science, computer science, information systems, or other relevant field, and at least five years of experience working on activities of similar technical scope or a bachelor’s degree equivalent and two additional years of relevant experience;  

  • Knowledge/understanding of the Ukrainian legal framework and EU legal framework and guidelines on cybersecurity; 

  • At least three years of experience serving in a technical leadership position, preferably with donor-funded activities;   

  • Experience of working with and successfully engaging with / building relationships with public sector, including individuals at all levels, and other key stakeholders on development and implementation of legislation and policy reforms related to the technology sector, preferably with a connection to cybersecurity;  

  • Experience of managing a diverse group of stakeholders to deliver on activityobjectives;  

  • Experience of managing a small team; 

  • Strong interpersonal skills and written/oral communication skills; and 

  • Fluency in English and Ukrainian.  


Qualified candidates should send their CV and cover letter to [email protected] or via the DAI website. Only short-listed candidates will receive notice requesting additional information. 



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