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ACTED шукає Керівника з управління інформацією приймального і колективного центру у Дніпро і Вінницю

ACTED is looking for the Information officer in Dnipro and Vinnytsia. 


  • Development of IM strategy & Workplan for ACTED CCCM, in collaboration with the Project Manager, CCCM TC/Camp Coordinator and the Nation IM Manager if any
  • Support to Assistants and Officers, overseeing the day-to-day management of data and processes, ensuring accuracy and validity of data
  • Collaboration with the Officers to improve tools and processes for regular and periodic IM exercises, e.g. site monitoring, headcounts, address system updates
  • Support Managers and Officers in the design, planning, and conducting of assessments (e.g. community intentions, service monitoring partners mapping etc)
  • Production of regular reports for each centre, including movement tracking, sectorial indicators
  • Use of ODK/Kobo for tool design. Cleaning and analysis of datasets.
  • Ensure up to date mapping of centres
  • Support to improvement of accountability mechanisms, including Complaints and Feedback Mechanism processes & use of data
  • Capacity-building of Assistants in data collection and Information Management
  • Verify the accuracy of data collected during any data collection exercises by reviewing data for deficiencies or errors and correcting any incompatibilities if possible;
  • Conducting data collection or supervising enumerators conducting data collection
  • Strict compliance to data confidentiality principles and policies during data collection, data storage and data sharing
  • Be responsible for storing soft and hard copies of project documentation (such as photos, meeting minutes, reports etc) in compliance with ACTED and Donor`s procedures
  • Supporting Communication with Communities activities, especially identifying possible gaps in information flux or possible themes for information campaigns based on data and information collected from the beneficiaries

Protection Mainstreaming

  • Considering gender, protection, and GBV concerns in all aspects of activities
  • Promoting and adhering to Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse policy and guidelines (for site residents, ACTED staff, partner agencies, casual labours)
  • Supporting and promoting the participation of women, youth, people with specific needs and marginalised groups through the use of information management tools
  • Referring to and following up with protection partners on identification and addressing of cases of vulnerability within the camp
  • Ensure that principles of data confidentiality are strictly respected in information management activities and that sensitive data of beneficiaries are protected when stored or shared if strictly necessary

Project management and reporting

Planning, Implementing and Reporting

  • Supporting the line manager in devising weekly and long-term work plans for the project implementation, particularly for information management activities
  • Attending regular staff coordination meetings
  • Excellent liaison with other Site Team Members, ensuring consistency and coordination of activities on the site
  • Timely reporting on problems and challenges on the site to the line Manager
  • Timely reporting on security and safety incidents, including fire, evictions, floods and any possible security hazards on the site to the Site Manager
  • Timely submission of the weekly report, information products and updated databases as requested by the line manager


  • Commitment to continuous learning through training and timely identification of capacity-building needs and opportunities, in coordination with line Manager/TC/HR Dept.
  • Supervise recruitment of enumerators when needed for data collection
  • Train Enumerators

Transparency and Compliance

  • Ensuring compliance to ACTED internal procedures and donor procedures
  • Accurate record-keeping of project documentation, including photos and proper filing of meeting minutes, databases, attendance sheets, assessment reports/documents, review and updating of databases etc., in soft and hard copy


  • Provide translation of various documents (e.g. reports, minutes, beneficiary lists, information signs) upon request of the Site Manager
  • Perform any additional tasks as requested by the Line Manager.

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