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MEAL or M&E Team Leader


The MEAL (or M&E) TL is the focal point for collection and documentation of monitoring and evaluation information. He/she supports the programme teams through monitoring, data collection, data processing, mapping and analysis of the information.
He/she provides technical support and training to the field staffs in charge of data management and monitoring, participates to the roll out of the accountability framework and contributes to internal knowledge building.
He/she ensures recommendations and SI procedures are respected.
He/she coordinates a team of monitoring agents for data collection, context monitoring and do no harm analysis.

Location: Lviv, Odesa, Dnipro


List of tasks and responsibilities:

Monitoring and evaluation
⦁ Contribute to the revision of monitoring and evaluation tools and train program team on design and proper use of it.
⦁ Centralize / follow-up creation and update of monitoring plans.
⦁ Participate to the revision of monthly APU.
⦁ Participate into data analysis and writing of monitoring and evaluation reports.
⦁ Participate to the follow-up of recommendations.
⦁ Ensure team weekly planning and follow up.
⦁ Respect schedules and deadlines agreed upon with his/her Manager
⦁ Report back any problems and constraints encountered during the course of the activities and suggest operational solutions

⦁ Contribute to the CRM standard operating procedures design
⦁ Follow proper implementation of CRM standard operating procedures and refer all cases to the appropriate focal point.
⦁ Participate in training field teams on CRM information plan.

Data management and mapping
⦁ In relationship with teams in charge of database management on the bases, centralize and organize all data on program.
⦁ Support program team regarding the preparation of database frames based on questionnaires and other data collection tools.
⦁ Provide methodological support to the programme teams to ensure timely and high quality data entry and processing.
⦁ Provide project related figures and monitoring follow up as requested by coordination.
⦁ Maintain a library of maps produced by SI as well as other stakeholders.

Institutional Knowledge Building
⦁ Follow up on the Internal Knowledge Building plan and provide data for IKB documents (activity forms etc.).

Human Resources management
⦁ Participate in validating recruitment of his team
⦁ Welcome and brief new employees working under his/her responsibility
⦁ Manage and support the team under his/her responsibility
⦁ Train his/her team members to use and maintain the available tools correctly
⦁ Evaluate the performances of his/her team members
⦁ When recruiting daily workers, follow procedures and directives outlined by his/her line manager and the administrative service
⦁ Enforce safety procedures
⦁ Ensure that safety procedures are followed by members of his/her team

Reporting / communication / representation
⦁ Draw up and submit a weekly task report (which should include progress made by the team) to his/her project manager
⦁ Take part in the drafting of the monthly program pack
⦁ Establish and maintain good relations with local participants and communities (populations) in the operational fields
⦁ Represent SI when asked to do so
⦁ Listen to the populations and local participants in the field and report to his/her manager any non-technical or safety-related issues which could affect the activities or safety of Solidarités International teams
⦁ Support the coordination and program team in the preparation of visual supports needed for presentation materials.
⦁ Participate to reinforce understanding of SI fields of action, principles and modus operandi by the program teams and populations.
⦁ Ensure that tools and files are properly archived and secured
⦁ Participate into learning workshops


3 April, 2022


Send your CV and cover letter to [email protected]
Kindly state the position and the city you are applying for in the heading of your email.



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