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WASH and Shelter Activity manager

Location: Lviv, Ukraine 



The WASH and Shelter activity manager is in charge of carrying out and accomplishing the objectives as defined in the operation proposals. He/she is responsible for the supervision of the operational teams assigned the WASH and Shelter activity. He/she must ensure that the WASH activity are well executed and deliver quality results, where appropriate, proposes adjustments or developments to ensure relevance.   


Main activities:

Diagnostics and project conception 

•    Participate in the preparation and implementation of diagnostics 

•    Participate in the design and the financial dimension of the human and logistical programs to implement 

•    Prepare the appendixes and technical chapters (of logical framework) of operation proposals 

•    Implement the activities in compliance with the annual operational strategy, SOLIDARITÉS International’s technical requirements and the donors criteria 

•    Participate in the development of the WASH and Shelter team’s capacity in regard to techniques or new methodologies 

Implementation and operational follow-up 

•    Plan the WASH and Shelter activity(ies) with the support department (Administration, logistics) according to the set objectives 

•    Assess the relevance of activities, the effectiveness of interventions, and their appropriateness in light of changing circumstances and the needs of populations 

•    Propose adjustments to programs if necessary 

•    Make sure the objectives for the activity(ies) under his/her responsibility are achieved 

•    Suggest and implement monitoring indicators for the WASH activity(ies) and context 

•    Use the SI management and monitoring tools for the activities, results and context 

•    Plan and supervise the implementation of the WASH and Shelter activity(ies) under his/her responsibility 

•    Anticipate difficulties in the carrying out of the WASH activity(ies) and facilitate problem solving 

•    Suggest new WASH and Shelter activity directions in accordance with context and indicators 

•    In cooperation with the administrative department, help draw up budgets for his/her activity(ies), budget follow up and proposal budgets for the program parts

•    Prepare Internal Order Forms (IOF) and follow orders using the logistics service

•    Report the state of decentralized inventory to the logistics department (“field” inventory) 


•    Write the capitalization documents in accordance with SI tools 

•    Prepare handover reports before the end of his/her employment contract and forward them to concerned parties in the mission and at headquarters 

•    Ensure diffusion of SI technical documentation 


•    Recruit the national technical staff for his/her activity(ies) 

•    With the administrative department, define the prerequisites for the WASH vacant positions and, if necessary, adapt the referent job profile. 

•    Welcome and brief new employees or volunteers working under his responsibility 

•    Implement training activities in accordance with WASH operational requirements and the identified training needs. 

•    Serve as intermediary between team leaders 

•    Manage and support the team under his/her responsibility 

•    Conduct workshops and regular or ad hoc meetings 

•    Evaluate the performance of the members of his/her team(s) 

•    Identify team members’ potential for advancement and communicate this information to the program manager/desk HR Referent 

•    Make sure his/her team(s) follow the safety rules


•    Share with the appropriate authority any information on the security context and any event which may have consequences on SI activities and team safety 

•    Write regular reports concerning the progress of the activity(ies) under his/her responsibility 

•    Write reports and annexes concerning his/her activity(ies) for donor reports and/or amendment 

•    Ensure compliance with reporting deadlines and guidelines 

•    Communicate with team leaders concerning the progress and results of their activity(ies) 

•    Maintain a local operational communication network and positive relations with the local/governmental authorities, donor representatives, UN and other international agencies in cooperation with the program manager and Program Coordinator 

•    Represent Solidarites International in meetings or forums concerning the WASH and Shelter activities within his employment location 

•    Represent SI on request and/or delegation 

•    Respond to the requirements of Headquarters concerning specific needs 

•    Write the administrative documents to be signed (MOU, handover etc.) jointly with governmental authorities, communities or partners


24 March, 2022

The NGO reserves itself the right to extend the deadline.


Send your CV and cover letter to [email protected]



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