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Консультант для проведення оцінки системи постачання медичних виробів для діагностики ВІЛ-інфекції

Consultant for assessment of the supply of medical products for diagnosis and laboratory support of HIV


To support the MOH efforts, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) awarded a contract for Safe, Affordable, and Effective Medicines for Ukrainians (SAFEMed) to Management Sciences for Health (MSH) (September 2017-August 2023). SAFEMed applies health system-strengthening best practices to create evidence-based interventions and strengthen Ukraine’s pharmaceutical system in line with the MOH’s health care reform objectives. SAFEMed has three primary project objectives:

 1) Strengthening governance within the pharmaceutical sector of Ukraine

2) Optimizing the financing of the pharmaceutical sector

3) Increasing the availability and appropriate use of medicines in Ukraine.

 The country’s strategy to fight the HIV epidemic among various crucial factors relies on availability of lab commodities to detect new cases, such as for confirmatory tests, and to monitor treatment outcomes for patients on ART through CD4 and viral load testing. While the state budget covers the cost of HIV laboratory commodities, too often, such commodities experience substantial delays. A delay in just one component of a given lab test (e.g., tubes, diluents, controls) holds up the delivery for an entire test. In PY5, SAFEMed will help the MOH, CPH, and CPA improve demand planning and distribution of laboratory commodities. The project will analyze the procurement and supply management process for HIV lab commodities and propose solutions that avoid further laboratory test stock outs, expiration or inefficient use. The findings from this assessment will be underlying points for planning further investments to improve effectiveness and efficiency of the existing system.

 General responsibilities

The main goal of the consultant is to assess the current system of demand planning, procurement, supply and distribution of medical products for diagnosis and laboratory support for HIV, and to provide recommendations for improvements in the area. The consultant will be working under direct guidance of SAFEMed Principal Technical Advisor on Supply Chain Management and Technical Advisor on Supply Chain and close collaboration with the CPH, CPA and other stakeholders as relevant.


The consultant is expected to be contracted from 01 February 2022 till 01 June 2022 with prolongation option.

 Functional responsibilities

  • Analyze the main mechanisms of demand planning, procurement, supply and distribution of medical products for diagnosis and laboratory support of HIV, regardless of the source of funding in the period from 2018 to 2021.
  • Identify the range of persons / organizations involved in demand planning, procurement processes, supply and distribution of medical products for HIV diagnosis and laboratory support, roles and responsibilities of such persons / organizations, procurement procedures, communication process between different stakeholders.
  • Carry out detailed analysis of the processes and procedures for demand collection for medical products for diagnosis and laboratory support of HIV, methodologies and tools used at this stage.
  • Analyze the system of distribution of medical products for diagnosis and laboratory support of HIV infection from the central level to the final recipients, mechanisms of distribution / redistribution between different recipients; determine the frequency and causes of such redistributions.
  • Conduct monitoring and evaluation of the data collection system that is used to monitor available stock level, consumption rate and expired products, including analysis of tools used to account inventory levels, data verification process and decision-making process based on these data.
  • Assess the existing network of facilities that carry out diagnosis and laboratory support of HIV, in terms of provision of different types of medical products and suggest potential ways to optimize the network.
  • Carry out an analysis of problematic issues related to the procurement, planning of needs and distribution of medical products for diagnosis and laboratory support of HIV.
  • Identify (based on the conducted assessments) the advantages and disadvantages that exist at each stage of supply chain of medical products for diagnosis and laboratory support of HIV infection, the causes of nonconformities, as well as provide recommendations to the Ministry of Health, SE “Medical Procurement of Ukraine”, SI “Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine” regarding elimination of these shortcomings and improvement of the supply chain system for medical products in general, taking into account the health care reform.
  • Analysis and assessment might include the following actions: interviews with key stakeholders, review of the current legislative framework, review of available data sets, reports analytical documents related to the analyzed area – to be determined during initial planning meetings.


Written report on the evaluation of the system of medical products for diagnosis and laboratory support of HIV infection which identifies issues in the area and provides recommendations (clear actions with priorities, necessary financial, operational, and human resources) for improvements in the area.

 Required Qualifications

  • Higher education (preferably in the area of medicine, biology or pharmacy);
  • Experience related to analytical work, research, evaluation in medicine and / or pharmacy (previous experience in HIV will be an additional advantage)
  • Previous experience in logistics, pharmaceutical management, socially dangerous diseases and knowledge of health care reform in Ukraine will be an advantage
  • Knowledge of basic legal acts in the field of HIV diagnosis, technical regulations of medical products, the Law of Ukraine on Public Procurement
  • Good interpersonal skills - successful previous experience and demonstration of ability to work successfully with internal and external partners at all levels of responsibility
  • Ability to build communication effectively
  • Strong leadership skills combined with the ability to perform technical work
  • Analytical skills, ability to work with databases
  • High level of computer literacy, including knowledge of MS Office;
  • High level of self-organization, ability to work for results.


Monthly reports on deliverables status. Report directly to SAFEMed Principle Technical Advisor on Supply Chain. There also might be ad hoc requests on the current progress of the assessment.

Duties performance location

Kyiv, Ukraine, CPA office/remote with no business trips.

Qualified candidates may apply to the address: [email protected] The position is open till filled. Past performance references would be an advantage. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.


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