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Primary Health Care Coordinator (PHC), Kyiv

Terms of Reference for the  position of Primary Health Care

Coordinator (PHC)

Reducing risk factors for Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) project in Ukraine.

1           Introduction

Primary Health Care Coordinator (PHC) will work under the supervision of the project leader and the project manager in close collaboration with outcome coordinators to support the implementation of the planned activities in the target regions related to Outcome 2 component of project. The main responsibility is to provide overall leadership, management, and coordination of technical support in the field of NCDs (Non-communicable diseases) prevention to ensure the achievement of project objectives, delivery of project outputs in close consultation with the Project Implementation Unit (PIU), key stakeholders and potential collaboration partners. The PHC will participate in Regional Intersectoral Working Group (RIWG) and provide required technical support.

Participate and support NCD prevention service development initiatives as required, proposing changes to working practices and have involvement in the development and implementation of policies that impact across the multidisciplinary teams.

The PHC Coordinator required to follow SDC Code of Conduct and respect diversity, committed to meet its obligations to follow infection control policy including COVID 19 regulations. The job description will be reviewed periodically to take into account changes and developments in service requirements. You will be made aware of your responsibilities to uphold organisational policies and principles on the promotion of equality valuing diversity, respecting and inclusion people’s human rights as part of your everyday practice.

2           Location

Ukraine:  full time position in Kyiv with frequent visits to Project’s targeted regions -

Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava, Rivne and Kherson Oblasts.

3           Scope of work

The post holder will work very close with the outcome coordinators of NCD project alongside all disciplines and professionals to help educate, develop and support a clear understanding of the complexities and scope of NCD prevention needs within the targeted population. He/she will liaise closely with health, social care, professional associations, medical education institutions to ensure cohesive and purposeful pathways of early detection, treatment and prevention of NCDs. PHC coordinator will work with different partners (WHO and MoH) to address gaps on NCD treatment and prevention through introducing updated PEN Protocols (1, 2, 5) that reflect the needs of primary health care specialists. There will be an expectation to produce evidence that can be used to inform future service design and commissioning of services.   

The primary duties of the PHC Coordinator will be conducted under the supervision of and close cooperation with the PIU team and include:

Overall NCD project engagement

  • To support implementation of NCDs prevention project with specific focus on PHC component.
  • Work with key partners such as WHO, MoH, Ukraine Public Health and Health Departments of Oblast State Administration to ensure coordination of activities related to PHC component.
  • Set up relations with other SDC-funded projects working on health domain and other international medical projects.
  • Set up relations with medical universities and medical colleges for integration of NCD training for PHC specialists.
  • Support regional coordinators in planning and performance of capacity building, research and training activities.
  • Work with Monitoring and Evaluation specialist for timely data collection and analysis to ensure trek of PHC component key performance indicators.

Coordination and collaboration with stakeholders and partners and support liaison at the regional level

  • To identify key partners for the PHC activities, establish and support contacts with them in the 5 target regions.
  • Set up relations to counterparts, key stakeholders of state institutions at the regional and community level, representatives of medical community and professional associations, patients’ groups.
  • To develop and coordinate capacity building activities with 20 targeted PHC facilities from 20 pilot communities in Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava, Rivne and Kherson Oblasts.
  • Support Regional Coordinators to address NCDs prevention and risk factors counselling at PHC facilities.
  • Set up relations with SDC-funded projects working on health domain and other international medical projects.
  • Set up relations with medical universities and medical colleges for integration of NCD training.
  • To work with the identified regional NCD Focal points and RIWG partners to address PHC issues related to NCDs in close collaboration with Regional Coordinators.
  • To ensure effective liaison and maintain good communication with regional partners and other stakeholders at regional and community level.
  • To draw lessons learned from past activities and revise strategies and action plans accordingly.

Technical Assistance

  • To support introduction of updated PEN Protocols (1,2 and 5) in primary health care, plan and organise training, supervision and monitoring of practical use of protocols.
  • Work with Geneva University Hospitals/Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève (HUG) team to perform PHC assessment, develop and perform capacity building program for PHC doctors and nurses.
  • Explore the model of care for NCD patients including long term/home based and palliative care.
  • Develop, implement and institutionalize capacity building measures to address deficits of primary healthcare providers to deliver integrated services and linking trainings to continuous medical education (CME).
  • Coordinate the development of risk factors counselling model for doctors and nurses.
  • Contribute to the continued improvement and development of community NCDs prevention services and to the sustainability of National non-communicable disease action plan with the focus on reducing premature, avoidable mortality, morbidity and disabilities related to NCDs
  • To promote and adopt standardized methods, tools and formats for common use related to NCDs related to PHC.
  • To support the seamless provision of health promotion on NCD early detection, treatment and prevention to the people of targeted region.
  • To support partners at the regional and community levels through mentoring and regular communication (including assistance on monitoring and evaluation)
  • Work very close with Monitoring and evaluation specialist to monitor key performance indicators through TolaData

Coordination of programme implementation

  • To ensure the establishment/maintenance of appropriate coordination mechanisms, including regional inter-sectoral working group at the local level related to PHC;
  • To secure commitments from RIWG participants in responding to needs and filling gaps, ensuring an appropriate distribution of responsibilities within the RIWG, with clearly defined focal points for specific issues where necessary, including screening for NCDs.
  • To ensure proper coordination and joint work with Focal points from health, social and educational and other relevant sectors.
  • To ensure timely, effective and coordinated activities based on participatory and community-based approaches including exploring model of long term/home based care.
  • Provide information and regular outcome updates to Communication and PR specialist to support project visibility.
  • To provide support in organizing appropriate technical guidance related to PHC to the Regional technical partners and stakeholders, identifying and addressing key issues, harmonizing technical objectives and approaches.
  • To provide support to regional coordinators in the realisation of their activities in line with NCD agreed project work plan, monthly progress monitor.
  • To arrange programme, agenda, logistics and activities for visits of missions and NCD project team and technical experts to PHC in target regions.


  • The PHC coordinator will prepare plan to achieve key performance indicators
  • The PHC will learn to use TolaData and monitor the key performance indicators related to Ootcome2
  • To maintain records on technical aspects of project operations including monitoring of project activities and their outcomes; as well as minutes, decisions and recommendations of meetings and workshops.
  • To prepare timely and quality monthly project progress and implementation reports for submission to PIU project team.

4           Qualification

  • Higher education Medical Doctor/ Nurse-MSc
  • At least 3 years of working experience in public health care or other relevant health institutions
  • Experience of working with NCDs will be an asset, understanding the long term/home based care will be advanced
  • Strong management skills including ability to provide strategic guidance and build strong teams
  • Good multi-cultural and interpersonal skills with experience in networking with partners at all local levels (local government and institutions, NGOs and local community-based organizations);
  • Proven written, presentation and reporting skills and demonstrated computer skills
  • Field experience with international organizations and NGOs in educational sector will be an asset
  • Excellent leadership, coordination and management experience in organising training
  • Proficiency in writing and speaking Ukrainian, knowledge of English will be an asset

Deadline for application-  January 31, 2022

Application including CV and motivation letter should be sent to the following address:

Maznova, Anzhelika [email protected]



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