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Culture Program coordinator/ Координатор культурної програми

Detailed information about the project please find here.

Purpose of the Position:

Cultural program coordinator of Zmina 2.0 project will manage, maintain and program the Cultural program in Soledar ATC according to the obligatory donor’s requirements and policies and procedures of implementing body (IZOLYATSIA) with faithful execution of Ukrainian legislation.

In order to kick-start the implementation of modern, relevant cultural programming in Soledar, IZOLYATSIA and the House of Culture will jointly program 24 local cultural events over the 24-month project implementation period: on average, one cultural event will be programmed every month between month 3 and month 26.

The events, similar in form to those previously promoted by the House of Culture (small festivals, artist talks, lessons), will be updated with a new understanding of cultural relevance and audience participation. By choosing less complex events that require minimal equipment, little cultural capital, and that can be implemented in a short amount of time, we are helping the House of Culture staff build on its prior but limited expertise to achieve full-fledged cultural programmes within 2 years. Given that Soledar citizens have had little exposure to contemporary art, the straightforward cultural events will be more accessible to this novice arts audience.

While the events will focus on the chosen theme for the year, they will all be designed to match the objectives described in one or several of the three project strands (civic, social or economic development). They will all have in common that they invite the community to determine the level and quality of its civic engagement through cultural experience.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Contribute in defining the overall programme theme: IZO has defined ‘Anthropocene’ as a multi-year overall programme theme: using the lens of varying time scales, we investigate the impacts of human interventions within Ukraine and the Donbas. However every year, we will define a narrower sub-theme, providing continuity for community engagement, predictability for artists who are interested in participating, and also focuses the work of the curators.
  • Organize of cultural call and programming: The cultural programme will be defined on a six-monthly basis, through a mix of our own pre-existing curatorial knowledge, and a call for proposals disseminated through our networks to artists, cultural CSOs and cultural professionals across Ukraine. Though Calls require additional work, they are vital: they ‘take us out of our bubble’, allow us to discover new talent, to bring new ideas and social constructs to Soledar ATC, thereby increasing our relevance both to the cultural sector and to society. A call will be issued every six months, both to boost their visibility, but also to communicate changes in our programming (see evaluation below, also change in yearly theme). The Calls will set out the theme, explain the types of events we are seeking (along the three strands), and set out financial and other conditions. Interested A&CP will respond using an on-line form through which they will present themselves and their project.
  • Contribute in selection: project team will preselect the artists’ proposals. The final selection will be made jointly by IZOLYATSIA and House of Culture.
  • Collect all the needed data for agreements/contracts with selected artists.
  • Contribute in logistics, advertising and implementation: If required, we will assist artists to organise the logistics of their visit (transport and storage of equipment, lodging, local transport, use of IZO equipment). Each event will be locally advertised using HoC’s communication channels to the local population. The events will in principle be organised in the HoC. When renovation work makes this impossible, alternative venues will be used (secondary cultural building, local school, outdoor spaces).
  • Contribute to evaluation and adaptation.
  • Contribute to Activity reporting, monitoring, and evaluation activities as required.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • A bachelor degree in the field of culture, project management, education or other relevant fields.
  • Professional experience in cultural programming, managing and reporting.
  • Previous professional experience with international donor programs;
  • Demonstrated ability to work productively within a team;
  • Excellent administrative, organizational and multi-tasking skills;
  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills, with demonstrated diplomacy and the ability to communicate effectively in a cross-cultural environment;
  • Computer skills including strong knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word and Office applications;
  • Ability to effectively communicate verbally and in written form in Ukrainian, Russian, and English

How to apply:

DEADLINE: 31.01.2022


End of the Project: 24.04.2024

More info and form for your CV and Personal Statement (preferably in English):




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