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Deputy Project Coordinator

Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organization that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, healthcare exclusion and natural disasters. We offer assistance to people based on need and irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation. MSF Ukraine is looking for:


The Project Coordinator (PC) delegates ad hoc some responsibilities to the Deputy Project Coordinator according to objective criteria taking into consideration sustainability in the treatment of the different dossiers. In general terms, the Deputy Project Coordinator will assist the PC in planning project’s objectives and priorities, by identifying the population’s health needs, analyzing the context, risks and constraints, and by calculating human and financial resources needed. He/she will contribute to the supervision, monitoring and follow-up together with the PC of all aspects of the projects in order to ensure its efficient and smooth functioning. He/she will replace the Project Coordinator in his/her absence.

In the specific context of Zhytomyr, under delegation of the project coordinator, the project Dep PC will act as an interface with the health authorities of the dispensary and the Zhytomyr region (“Oblast”) at all levels. He/she will also be the main interlocutor of the project with all decision-makers and other relevant stakeholders active in relation with the project interest, including the Regional Department of Health, Regional Department of Social Policy, non-governmental organisations, patients groups, regional authorities in so called “hromadas” and other relevant actors.  He/she will not substitute the PC but will act as a cultural translator and memory towards the coordination.

The Dep PC will also be the focal point for advocacy in the project, in close relationship with the project coordinator on the one hand and the advocacy unit at the mission coordination level on the other hand.

Main duties:

  • Contribute to the analysis of the political, humanitarian, economic and social context in project area in order ensure that MSF’s charter, policies and image are respected with regards to national employees, populations, authorities and partners.
  • Contributes to the planning, supervision, monitoring and follow-up, together with the PC, of all aspects of the projects, according to the project plan, MSF operational policy and main strategic lines.
  • The Deputy project coordinator will be the advocacy focal point at the project level. He/she will attend the workshops, briefings and meetings organised by the advocacy at mission coordination level, regularly and timely brief advocacy coordination unit regarding regional contacts with stakeholders and other related updates, provide support in project data collection and analysis upon request.  
  • Arrange and attend key meetings and information sessions organised at regional and national level, in line with the project objectives, including the regional councils, the OCHA meetings, ensure that MSF is represented in all strategic forums. Represent MSF interest in such meetings and report to the project coordination and to the advocacy unit. Write up meeting minutes to ensure timely feedback from the project.
  • Upon request of the PC, he/she will negotiate collaboration agreements. Legal representation is not delegable unless legally backed up (powers of attorney, etc.)
  • Participate in the security management in the project, updating the security guidelines.
  • Support the PC in planning and organizing project’s human resources, participate in their day-to-day management, in the induction of new staff, undertake evaluation of staff under his/her direct supervision and define training needs accordingly.
  • Participate in exploratory missions according to the PC’s indications, in order to better comprehend context, priorities, constraints and population needs.
  • The Deputy project coordinator will be the focal point for the MSF associative life in the project.


  • Preferably a medical or paramedical qualification or university-level studies.
  • Desirable degree in Project Management or HR Management.


•            Essential previous experience of at least two years required in the field of humanitarian aid with MSF or other NGOs.

•            Essential working experience in developing countries. 


· Total Fluency in Ukrainian, Russian and English languages.


  • Strategic vision.
  • Leadership.
  • People Management.
  • Planning
  • Teamwork

Gross monthly salary (before taxation): 50109 UAH.

Type of agreement: Civil law agreement three to six months – Open for extension.

Closing date: January 14, 2022 (due to the urgency of this position the recruitment can be finalized before the closing date of the position).

Please send your CV’s to:

Only CV’s in English will be considered.




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