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Translator and Interpreter services, EU4Skills: Better Skills for Modern Ukraine

Translation and Interpretation services, EU4Skills: Better Skills for Modern Ukraine

Omnia Education Partnerships (OEP), Finland

Service: Service for translations and interpretations
Expected Start Date of Assignment: Jan 2022
End Date of Assignment: 30.05.2023
Work description: Translation of training materials and produced documents mostly from English to Ukrainian. Interpretations of trainings and meetings.

Project: OEP works in the Finnish consortium for EU4Skills, Better Skills for Modern Ukraine project. The project supports the reform of vocational education and training in Ukraine. The aim is to make training more responsive to the labour market needs and help young people and adults live up to their potential. EU4Skills is a multi-donor action of the European Union (EU) and its member states Germany, Finland, Poland and Estonia. OEP is responsible for curriculum development and training the teachers and school managers according to new VET standards.

Task Description: The translation and interpretation service provider will be contracted by OEP. The work includes translation and interpretation from English to Ukrainian and vice versa. 

  • Translation of online training materials on vocational and technical education (VET)
  • Translation of documents and project materials, e.g. Educational Programs, guidelines, hand books, reports. 
  • Subtitling video-clips for training material
  • Simultaneous interpretation in training sessions and coaching sessions in Zoom (at least 4 (four) persons for consecutive and simultaneous interpretation).
  • Simultaneous interpretation in meetings with Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, and program stakeholders
  • Simultaneous interpretation in on-site training sessions and meetings, in the seven pilot regions of the EU4Skills Program, and in Kyiv.  

Qualifications and requirements

  • Education: at least Bachelor’s degree in linguistics, translation, foreign languages, or related areas.
  • Linguistic skills: Fluency in spoken and written Ukrainian, English. Strong previous experience of translation and interpretation of educational contents. Experience in the field of vocational education is preferred. 
  • Professional experience: At least 5 years’ experience in translation of similar tasks. References of the successful work in regional and national level projects. Previous work in international projects. Strong computer skills (MS Office suite) required.
  • Scope of services provided: Service providers, who are able to provide a large scope of work, also on short time span, are preferred. Service provider may offer to provide the services required only partially or in full.
  • Technical requirements for interpretation: Available tech support specialist, relevant equipment to ensure high quality interpretation (headphones, microphone, etc).
  • Assets: Previous experience of working with MoES; Knowledge of vocational education and training sector; Knowledge of EU4Skills. 

OEP reserves the right to use several service providers. Service providers will work as independent contractors and undertake the full responsibility for the payment of all taxes and obligations deriving from the legislation in force, including for those related to medical and social insurance. Reimbursements will be paid based on actual monthly translation and interpretation work. 


Contacts of referees who can provide recommendations. Detailed prices for translation and interpretation services. 

  • Official documents proving the status of the organization and the document proving the financial capacity (annual turnover and profit/loss) of the organization.
  • Copies of registration documents (including a copy of the certificates of state registration of legal entities which the Participant plans to apply for the provision of services, a copy of the tax certificate; an Extract from the Statute indicating the activities).

Offers should be sent by e-mail to [email protected] with “Translator and Interpreter services” in the subject line by the COB on 31 December, 2021.

For further information:

Darya Zhagina

Omnia Education Partnerships

[email protected]



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