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Consultant to support BMOs in establishing voluntary industry and business conduct standards


The main objective of the assignment is to support the selected partner BMOs, mostly sectoral, but not limited to, in developing and establishing the voluntary industry and business conduct standards, and support the selected BMOs in promoting the concept of self-regulation organizations (further – SROs). This activity will involve supporting the establishment of 7 standards by selected BMOs through developing standards’ requirements and streamlining accreditation procedures. The BMOs should be selected for participation in this assignment after interviewing the leaders of the BMOs and the final list of the BMOs should be approved by the Project.


Under the direct supervision of the Project Manager, the Consultant will perform the below activities focusing on the achievement of the following objectives:

  1. Review the background documents including:
  2. Documents provided by UNDP to obtain better understanding of the project goals, context and profiles of targeted BMOs in Ukraine, as well as any available assessments in order to tailor the methodology to BMO priorities;
  3. Assess and analyse existing developments of the selected BMOs (up to 7 BMOs) in establishing their own business standards and SROs.
  4. Develop the participatory methodology of voluntary industry and business conduct standards establishment for the selected industries and regions.
  5. Prepare an action plan for supporting the BMOs in implementing the methodology of voluntary industry and business conduct standards establishment.
  6. Facilitate the working group meetings (can possibly be conducted online subject to Project’s approval if the COVID-related restrictions do not allow for travel or in-person meetings) for standards development. Then number of the meetings and the related logistical arrangements should be agreed with the Project.
  7. Finalize the standards description reflected in the BMO documents (codes of ethics, regulations, instructions etc.).
  8. Develop the guidelines on the next steps for the standards implementation and establishing certification processes, support branding, promoting and advocating the standards.
  9. Prepare the case-studies describing at least three successful cases of BMOs developing and establishing voluntary industry or business conduct standards and present them to the stakeholders (presentation will be organized by the project).
  10. Prepare the report for UNDP on the standards developed and established, working groups facilitated, and support delivered to BMOs.

To ensure the delivery of the above tasks, the Consultant will:

  • Liaise and ensure constant communication/coordination with the UNDP project team regarding all aspects of the assignment.
  • Submit all the deliverables for review, comments, and approval to the UNDP project team as requested.
  • Hold consultations with the UNDP project team as requested.
  • Ensure the mainstreaming of gender equality and women’s empowerment considerations in activities, promote a safe and enabling environment free of any kind of discrimination and abusive behaviour, and use the principles of gender-responsive communications in line with the UNDP corporate standards.

To see more details and apply, please follow

Deadline for submission is 23-Nov-21 (Midnight New York, USA)


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