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Community Empowerment Coordinator (Sloviansk)

For the implementation of a project funded by the German Federal Government, NEW WAY is promptly seeking a Community Empowerment Coordinator

Position title: Community Empowerment Coordinator (CEC)

Duration: 24-months contract

Probation period: 2 months


There are various reasons why residents in eastern Ukraine show little initiative in developing their communities and cooperation with local authorities. One of the reasons is low social participation in public life and the decision-making process in the former USSR states. Such opinion of `someone decides for us` has retained, especially among elderly people. Due to the conflict, local communities have often been torn apart - many people have fled or moved away and keep distrusting each other. The level of mobility in rural communities has also changed a lot since the conflict broke out. The Line of Contact (LoC) is a de-facto border that has interrupted former supply chains, and in some cases, there are restricted transport connections. The largest population group, about 30%, is people over 60 y.o. Children make up another significant part with about 18%. As a rule, these groups can only contribute to a limited extent to addressing the social concerns of their communities.

The project objective is to support local initiatives in selected rural communities aiming at addressing existed acute needs. In light of the gradual transition of the region towards development, the emphasis will be placed on revitalizing cooperation, empowerment and social cohesion among the community members to contribute to strengthening community resilience.

The intervention modality is based on a community-based approach which aimed at empowering the community residents further to manage their needs more autonomously. The method primarily relies on mobilizing active community members into so-called Community-Based Initiative Groups (CBIG) with further mentoring, facilitating communication and establishing cooperation between local decision-makers.

In the framework of the project, the following activities are to be implemented: carrying out workshops for CBIG members to identify possible priorities, capacity building of the CBIG, including a series of thematic training, experience sharing with other communities, implementation of CBIG-led initiatives, etc.


–      Overall supervision of the project activities, including assessment, planning, implementation and monitoring.

–      Developing a detailed program of the community-based activities according to the project proposal.

–      Carrying out the selection and capacity assessment of the CBIGs.

–      Carrying out Focus Group Discussions (FGD) consisting of CBIGs and other community members to identify possible priorities for the implementation of CBIG-led initiatives.

–      Arranging a series of thematic training for the CBIG members, including on political literacy, civic education, problem-solving management, technical aspects of local basic infrastructure and fundraising as an additional source of mobilization of financial resources for local initiatives.

–      Ensuring counterparties contribution to the intervention as per the project design, objectives, work plan as well as specifications for each activity.

–      Overseeing the project budget, including budget follow-up and expenditure forecast.

–      With the support of the Logistics & Procurement Coordinator ensuring timely and adequate project-related procurement.

–      Coordinating activities with other counterparties, including contractors and/or implementing partners.

–      Overseeing the implementing partners’ performance.

-      Preparing and submitting accurate and timely internal and donor`s reports.

-      Representing the organization in front of local communities, authorities and their counterparts, UN agencies and other NGOs.


-      Degree in management, administration, other similar spheres or relevant professional experience.

-      Minimum of two years of work experience in Project Cycle Management in humanitarian relief context.

-      Proved experience in needs assessment, beneficiary identification, budget management, monitoring, reporting, etc.

-      Strong knowledge of MS Office, especially Word, Excel and PPT.

-      Good command of English, both written and spoken.

-      Demonstrated ability to efficiently manage multiple priorities, deadlines and tasks.

-      Excellent time management skills and resourcefulness.

-      Well-developed organizational and planning skills.

-      Good understanding of the humanitarian principles and local context.

How to apply: please send your CV and Cover letter in English to [email protected]

Subject: Community Empowerment Coordinator

Deadline for application: December 01, 2021


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