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Good Governance Specialist (Kyiv)


The EUACI is looking for a Good Governance Specialist who is interested in and capable of helping integrity cities in their efforts to strengthen good governance practices; and in particular the principles of transparency, accountability and integrity in the delivery of local public services. 

This Job Description provides further details about the EUACI programme, the five integrity Cities, the role of the Good Governance Specialist and the expected qualifications of candidates interested in applying for the position. 


The EUACI is a joint EU and Government of Denmark financed programme aimed at supporting Ukraine in its efforts to reduce corruption at the national and local level through the empowerment of citizens, civil society, businesses, and state institutions. In May 2020, the EUACI entered into its Phase II that runs until mid-2024. 

The EUACI has three components, namely:

  • Component 1; that supports key state anti-corruption agencies in improving their effectiveness and independence;
  • Component 2; that supports selected integrity cities in their efforts to strengthen their integrity, transparency, and accountability; and
  • Component 3; that supports Ukraine’s civil society, media, and business community with a view to increase awareness of and engagement in anti-corruption activities.

This Job Description falls under Component 2 and focuses on helping the Integrity Cities implement measures that will contribute to increased integrity, transparency and accountability. 

The Integrity Cities

The five integrity cities with which the EUACI has entered into a partnership under its Component 2 are Chernivtsi, Chervonohrad, Mariupol, Nikopol, and Zhytomyr. 

During Phase I, the EUACI worked with these cities to strengthen their systems and tools to enhance integrity, transparency, and accountability. The partnership continues in the current second Phase, focusing on the continued development of the various integrity tools launched during Phase I, and the implementation of new tools agreed for implementation during the current Phase II.

The integrity tools in the pipeline for the current phase include:

  1. Similar for all Integrity Cities:
    1. Corruption Risk Assessment of City Council and Executive Committee
    2. Municipal Integrity Plans (mitigation plans)
    3. GeoPortals
    4. E-Reception Hall
    5. Integrity Assessment of municipally owned enterprises: water supply (Chernivtsi and Nikopol), central hospitals (Chervonohrad and Zhytomyr), and district heating (Mariupol)
    6. Experience sharing and networking between Integrity Cities, and between Integrity Cities and European Cities
  2. Specific for Mariupol:
    1. Automated system for Conflict of Interest identification in draft decisions of the City Council
    2. Data base of local legislation
  3. Specific for Nikopol:
    1. IT system for sectoral budget monitoring
  4. Specific for Chervonohrad:
    1. Anti-corruption and contextual revision of local regulatory acts

The position

Title: Good Governance Specialist

Place of service: EUACI office in Kyiv; with extensive travel to Integrity Cities

Supervised by Team Leader for Component 2 & 3.

Area of Responsibility

At the Overall Programme Level, the successful candidate has to contribute to:

  • programme planning and budgeting, including reviews of the agreed work plans and budget utilization;
  • quarterly, semi-annual, annual reporting of the progress made in the Integrity Cities;
  • development and implementation of the communication strategy for the Integrity Cities

At the specific Component Level, the successful candidate is expected to:

  • oversee the implementation of the work plans agreed with partner cities
  • quality assure and manage the work of advisers to the mayors posted by EUACI in each Integrity City
  • initiate and complete procurement of technical assistance services for Integrity Cities. This task includes designing interventions, drafting of the ToRs, starting the procurement under the Danish MFA internal systems
  • work closely with the Team Leader to assist in identifying needed national and international expertise
  • oversee the implementation and ensure the quality of the deliverables of the individual consultants, consulting companies, and IT developers hired by the EUACI to provide technical assistance to Integrity Cities
  • sustain partnerships with and represent the EUACI in front of leadership of the Integrity Cities, working-level public officials, civil society organizations, and investigative media
  • coordinate technical assistance with other EU-funded programs
  • assist with other duties as agreed with the Team Leader


Demand Profile/Qualifications

  • Master’s Degree in Public Policy, Public Administration, Law, International Relations, Political Sciences, or related field
  • A minimum of 5 years of demonstrated professional experience in designing, implementing, and monitoring programs, preferably within a local government context 
  • A minimum of 3 years of experience in the areas of good governance and anti-corruption, preferably with practical experience in the design and implementation of practical measures aimed at reducing corruption 
  • Demonstrated experience in establishing strong working relationships with local governments, international organizations and Ukrainian organizations.
  • Strong analytical, negotiation, and communication skills
  • Strong ability to work in teams; creating an enabling environment, mentoring and developing partners and colleagues
  • Ability to see through tasks set and deliver results
  • Ability to work under pressure with tight deadlines, flexibility, and an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Fluency in Ukrainian and excellent English language skills is required
  • Keen sense of ethics, integrity, and credibility


Deadline for applications

Interested candidates should submit their letters of motivation and an updated CV to before close of business on 21. October 2021. Interviews are scheduled to take place from 26-28 October, 2021.

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