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National consultant to train and coach selected BMOs on Financial Management


The objective of the assignment is to strengthen financial management in BMOs by enhancing their capacity to develop long-term financial policy, prepare annual budgets and equipping them with necessary tools according to their individual needs.

To this end the Consultant will adapt the standard financial and taxation practice to the peculiarities of BMOs, prepare a set of recommendations and universal templates, provide practical assistance and coaching aimed at strengthening the financial discipline, transparency and public reporting.

The objectives of the assignment are to ensure that:

  • BMO management understands the importance of introducing proper financial policy;
  • BMOs increase their financial sustainability and manage the risks related to their non-profit status;
  • BMO staff are in possession of budgeting, financial planning and tax risks management tools. The tools should take into account the peculiarities of operation of non-profit organizations including business membership organizations.

List of 10 partner BMOs the National consultant will be closely cooperating with:

  1. Association of Milk Producers
  2. Civic Union “Karpatsky Smak”
  3. Civic Union “Organic Ukraine”
  4. Western Ukrainian Fashion Industry Cluster, Civic Union
  5. Poltava Business Association, Civic Union
  6. Private Employers Association, Kharkiv regional CSO
  7. Vzaimodiya-Plus, CSO
  8. Donetsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  9. Civic Union “Interregional Union of Poultry Breeders and Fodder Producers of Ukraine
  10. Entrepreneurs’ Union “Stina” (Vinnytsia),


Under the direct supervision of the Project Manager, the Consultant will closely work with 10 partner BMOs and perform the below activities focusing on the achievement of the following objectives:

  1. Review the documents provided by UNDP to obtain better understanding of the project goals, context and profiles of the targeted BMOs in Ukraine, as well as any available assessments in order to tailor the consultancy to BMO priorities.
  2. Develop a workplan covering main activities and key stages of the assignment implementation;
  3. Develop a tool for rapid assessment of financial management and approve it with UNDP;
  4. Conduct trainings for the management of selected BMOs:
  1. Prepare and conduct face-to-face training on financial management and financial risks management;
  2. Prepare and conduct face-to-face training on project financial planning;

Travel arrangements for participants, their accommodation and meals during the training and anti-covid personal products such as individual hygiene masks and sanitizers for all training participants  will be ensured by a UNDP conference service provider and covered by the UNDP Project.

  1. Deliver webinar on preparing the annual tax reports for the accountants of the BMOs (2 hours).
  2. Conduct rapid assessment of the current status of financial management capacity in 10 partner BMOs, prepare relevant report (12 000 characters);
  3. Deliver individual coaching to the leaders of the BMOs on financial management in BMOs (2 hours per each organization);
  4. Develop Individual Financial Policies for each of the BMOs (16000 characters each).

To ensure the delivery of the above tasks, the Consultant will:

  • Liaise and ensure constant communication/coordination with UNDP project team regarding all aspects of the assignment;
  • Submit all the deliverables for review, comments and approval to UNDP project team;
  • Hold consultations with UNDP project team as requested.

To see more details and apply, please follow the link 

Deadline for submission is 08-Oct-21 (Midnight New York, USA)


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