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National HR Consultant

Title of Position:

Organizational Unit:


Duty station:

National HR consultant

Emergency and Stabilization Unit, IOM Ukraine



Background of the Consultancy:

According to the Ministry of Veterans Affairs of Ukraine (MinVet), there were more than 400,000 veterans of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine who returned to their homes as of 2021. The studies carried out in 2019-2020 demonstrated the variety of challenges faced by the veterans during their reintegration. The survey of the veterans and their family members carried out in Kyiv city and Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, and Lviv oblasts (2019) identified that over a quarter of veterans (29%) stated that their places of work and positions were not secured for them. Sixty-eight per cent (68%) of those who were employed before military service managed to preserve their job and position (70% of men and only 45% of women). Veterans reported underemployment or unemployment linked to (sometimes officially unconfirmed) injuries or illnesses sustained during military service, and a desire for retraining or linkages to job and networking opportunities.[1]

Since January 2021, IOM has implemented the European Union-funded project “Enhancing Successful Reintegration of Veterans from the Conflict in Eastern Ukraine and their Family Members through Socio-Economic Support” all over Ukraine. This is the second phase of the project, which contributes to enhancing the Government of Ukraine’s efforts to ensure sustainable reintegration of veterans from the conflict and their families in Eastern Ukraine, including interventions aimed at strengthening the employment opportunities for veterans. As part of the project, IOM is implementing a nationwide survey of veterans living in 24 oblasts of Ukraine and in the city of Kyiv. The survey aims to collect and analyze data on the different aspects of the reintegration of veterans, including the overall labour market situation for veterans.

Nature of the Consultancy:

Under the overall supervision of the Chief of Mission and with overall coordination of Emergency and Stabilization Coordinator, and direct supervision of the Portfolio Specialist (Reconciliation), the Consultant will support research activities implemented under the project. The intended output of the Consultancy will include desk research on the current mechanisms and systems in place aimed to help veterans transition to a civil career. The deliverables are expected to cover the analysis of the data collected via the nationwide survey of veterans (both quantitative and qualitative). The results of both desk research and analysis of survey data will be used for preparing the summary of findings and recommendations.

Tasks to be performed under this assignment:

  1. To carry out a desk review of the available veterans-related policies, relevant documentation at both national and regional levels related to the provision of the social and professional adaptation support to veterans, and interventions aimed at enhancing their opportunities to start a business or join the civil employment environment. To carry out the analysis considering a gender-sensitive perspective, age, belonging to a group and its impact on employment opportunities.
  1. To carry out the analysis of best practices from other countries with similar contexts to inform feasible pilot interventions aimed at enhancing livelihoods opportunities for veterans.  
  1. To review the recent national studies, both quantitative and qualitative dedicated to the labour market situation of veterans and their opportunities to set up a business.
  2. To analyse raw data of the IOM’s nationwide survey of the veterans including information collected via sample survey and in-depth interviews and compare them with the findings of the survey conducted by IOM in 2019.
  3. To identify and systematize the factors influencing the employment of veterans, their opportunities to set up and run a business based on the results of desk research, secondary data analysis, and analysis of data of the IOM’s nationwide survey of veterans; to complement the narrative on veterans labour market situation and livelihoods opportunities.
  4. To review and enhance the initial chapters of the report on research findings of the veterans’ nationwide survey dedicated to the labour market situation and attitude towards starting own business, complementing the text with analytical narratives derived from desk reviews of veterans-related policies, documentation, and studies.
  5. To provide a summary of desk review and research findings and at least 3 practical recommendations or suggestions on the approaches/models aimed at enhancing livelihoods opportunities for veterans, which could inform feasible pilot interventions.
  6. Perform such other duties as may be assigned.

Deliverables overview:

In close consultation and coordination with IOM, the Consultant is expected to produce the following deliverables as part of the assignment:

¾    Inception report, confirming the understanding of the assignment, its goals, and objectives, suggested research methodology, and the list of sources to be used for analysis (to be confirmed by IOM).

¾    Summary of research findings and recommendations based on the results of the desk research complementing the narrative based on the IOM’s interventions aimed at strengthening skills to access employment and enhancing business opportunities.

¾    Enhance the nationwide survey report on the initial findings with conclusions, suggestions, and recommendations based on the initial report provided by the Service Provider, to be further shared for IOM feedback.

¾    Based on the final report, develop a presentation (in PowerPoint or similar format) containing the recommendations on the interventions aimed at enhancing livelihoods opportunities for veterans containing for IOM review and feedback.

All deliverables are to be written in English or Ukrainian and meet good language standards. The final report should meet the standards laid out in the UNEG Quality Checklist for Evaluation Reports.

Consultancy workplan with deliverables and monitoring points:

This consultancy is preliminarily scheduled to start on September 18, 2021 and is expected to end on November 17, 2021.

The tentative timeline that could be amended upon discussions with the consultant is presented below:



Inception report

7 business days

Draft summary of research findings and recommendations prepared based on desk research

20 business days

Draft of enhanced chapter of the nationwide survey report complemented by results of the desk research (incl. conclusions, and recommendations)

25 business days

Final summary of research findings and recommendations prepared based on desk review

30 business days

Final enhanced chapter of the nationwide survey report, (incl. conclusions, and recommendations)

35 business days

Draft Presentation in PowerPoint or similar format

40 business days

Final Presentation in PowerPoint or similar format

45 business days

Total consultancy duration: around 45 business days.

Qualifications and Experience:


  • Master’s Degree in Social Science, Public Administration, Economics, or related field from an accredited academic institution and at least 3 years of professional work experience


  • Bachelor’s degree with 5 years of professional work experience.


  • Proven experience in career management, employment counselling, or related experience;
  • Report drafting, writing, and reporting skills, confident user of the Microsoft Office Suite;
  • Knowledge of veterans-related issues in Ukraine.


Knowledge of Ukrainian is required. Fluency in English is an asset.

How to apply:

Interested candidates are invited to submit their applications (CV and cover letter) to [email protected] by September 9, 2021, at the latest, referring to this advertisement in the subject line of your message.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Private entrepreneurs (PE) cannot be considered as applicable for providing services under this consultancy.

[1] Life after conflict: Survey on the sociodemographic and socioeconomic characteristics of veterans of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine and their families. IOM January 2020.



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