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Call for consulting service, Communications Consultant

Terms of Reference (ToR) for cooperation in Terre des hommes Foundation in Ukraine (Tdh) 

I. Background and rational

Tdh is the leading Swiss organization for children’s aid. Through their health, protection and emergency relief programs, Tdh provides assistance to over three million children, youth and their families in more than 45 countries each year. In Ukraine, Tdh has worked since 2009 through partnerships with local organizations and in 2014 they legally established offices, implementing programs which address the needs of conflict-affected areas. Through their prospective and effective activities, Tdh has an established and long-standing collaboration with local authorities and international organizations with the help of which good practices have been absorbed by a number of Ukrainian communities.

The Communications Consultant is responsible for public and media-facing communications and PR/communication activities in the Tdh Ukraine projects in line with Tdh communication strategy.

A key objective of the role is to develop Terre des hommes’ reputation as the leading Swiss child relief agency, highlighting its expertise and experience vis-à-vis key audiences.

The Communications Consultant ensures consistency of communications across the region and alignment with Tdh’s global communications strategy. S/he actively develops and publishes material in support of Tdh’s local and global objectives.

II. Objectives

  1. To highlight the activities ensuring consistency of communications across the project Digital Fabrication for Vocational Education within the frame of The USAID Economic Resilience Activity (ERA) which aims to increase the participation of non-educated youth in the Ukrainian economy by strengthening Vocational Education Training (VET) and raising their employability and entrepreneurial skills with a focus on digital and IT competencies.
  2. To highlight the activities ensuring consistency of communications across The project YOUNG CITIZENS within the frame of USAID DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE EAST ACTIVITY increase integration of separated, marginalized, or isolated populations.

III. Task description

  1. The Communication Consultant’s services and deliverables in line with Tdh communication strategy:

-      To work offline/online with the stakeholders in the projects (110 days),

-      To make visits and support the stakeholders in the projects and collaborate with to ensure consistency of communications 1) Sievierodonetsk, Luhansk region, (2) Mariupol, Donetsk region (15 days).

-      To establish cooperation with local external media partners at regional as well as at national level (125 days).

-      To enrich with content and promote the existing web platform  in collaboration with the contractor for SEO, Tdh team members and project partners (125 days),

-      To establish cooperation and contract external videographers to produce at least 4 (four) video clips: 3 (three) video clips on Take Over Day in Ukraine (ToD), 1 (one) - Digital Fabrication, about the project activitites;

-      To enrich with posts on the project activities the Tdh Ukraine facebook page and in accordance to project communication plans (no less than 15 posts per project);

  1. The expected deliverables are as follows:

-      1 (one) fully fledged and working web platform provided the result of the work is appearance of the site in the top 10 Google Search Engine based on a list of key phrases;

-      4 (four) video clips about the project activitites from contracted videographers;

-      no less than 15 (fifteen) posts per project on the project activities put on the Tdh Ukraine facebook page and in accordance to the project communication plans;

-      4 (four) contracts with local external media partners at regional as well as at national level to ensure consistency of communications messages/articles within their target audiences;

  1. 3.    Monitoring and reporting

The Communication Consultant will ensure the conflict- and context-sensitive and gender-sensitive planning and implementation of the Project, based on criteria of the Do-No-Harm approach. For the monitoring, those criteria will be included, in order to safeguard the implementation process; for instance, with respect to the perception of Project activities by different stakeholders or the distribution of resources at the local markets (procurement), if any.

  1. 4.    Communication

The Communication Consultant shall acknowledge English as the controlling language. The English language version of all the documents generated by the in country Communication Consultant is the controlling version. However the language of the communication with the project partners shall be Ukrainian. The Communication Consultant will stay in regular contact on the Project progress. Besides, Communication Consultant will contact the project managers and Tdh Communication Officer and vise versa immediately in case that one of them considers endangered the implementation progress, the time frame of the project activitites, and the intended outcomes in general.

IV. Time frame, deliverables, expected outcomes, and sustainability

  1. 1.    Time frame

The Communications Consultant consultant’s services will be implemented from 05.05.2021 to 11.10.2021 and comprise 110 days.

  1. 2.    Deliverables and schedule

The Communications Consultant is expected to deliver:

-       Reports on each field visit in Ukraine, (1) Sievierodonetsk, Luhansk region, (5) Mariupol, Donetsk region (5 reports), till 11.10.2021;

-       1 (one) report on the content developing and promoting of the web platform with recommendations for further improvement in collaboration with the Tdh Communication Officer and Project Managers, till 28.02.2021;

The funding partner is expected to deliver:

-       the honorarium will be paid in 5 tranches: (1) 25% advance payment till 31.05.21, (2) 25% advance payment till 30.06.21, (3) 25% advance payment till 31.07.21, (4) 25% advance payment till 31.08.21, (5) 25% after delivered reports as part of the service deliverables;

  1. 3.    Sustainability

Through the project, Tdh Ukraine is contributing to the

1. Public Communications and Program Materials

a. The primary audience for these activities is adolescents and youth (aged 16-24, with the main target group being the 16-18 age category) from Donetsk and Luhansk regions, civil society organizations, schools, youth groups, pedagogical staff, local authorities.

Indirect beneficiaries of the project include local residents of communities in Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts who may get aquainted with the information about the project through the local media, visual/printed materials, online channels, etc.

b. The main program messages that these activities will convey are:

• importance of allowing youth to participate in the processes and decisions that are affecting them and shaping their communities;

• creation of valuable opportunities for dialogue between CSOs, local authorities, local bsinesses and youth.

c. The communication materials produced will be aimed to engage youth from Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts to participate in the project activities and to familiarize local communities with the projects being implemented. Communication materials include promotion videos, online publications, artwork, social media, flash mob, etc. All materials must be approved by the project prior to publication.

d. The donors (USAID) plans to announce or publicly promote these projects to its beneficiaries. Planned promotional activities include promotional events, school/community events, etc.

V. Budget and financial cooperation

The Communication Consultant provides his/her commercial offer in accordance to the format of Annex 1.



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