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National Consultant to conduct membership survey for partner Business Membership Organizations

UNDP in Ukraine is looking for National Consultant to conduct membership survey for partner Business Membership Organizations (BMOs)

The overall objective of the assignment is to conduct data collection, collation, analysis, and reporting to establish baseline for key Project indicators and further monitor the progress of interventions undertaken and change in perceptions and loyalty of MSMEs that are members of the Partner BMOs.

Under the direct supervision of the Project Manager, and in close collaboration with UNDP Project team and the responsible persons from the main beneficiaries, the Consultant will accomplish the following activities.

1. Review the background documents provided by UNDP to obtain a better understanding of the goals and context, and develop a detailed work plan, consisting of activities to obtain specific datasets, logistic arrangements, and detailed timeline of work with fixed deadlines.

2. Design detailed assessment toolkit following the requirements as per 3.1. above. Organize meetings with UNDP, as required, to discuss the methodology and draft assessment toolkit prior to broader presentation.

3. Deliver at least one (1) webinar discussion with the leaders of 27 BMOs regarding membership survey methodology and schedule, data collection and interpretation. Collect feedback on methodology, MSME membership survey questionnaire and/or collect additional questions for potential inclusion into the survey. The Consultant must be ready to deliver additional meetings with partner BMOs to discuss the membership survey questionnaire if there is need or requested by the Partners. All meetings are expected to be organized virtually (online).

4. Obtain MSMEs membership databases/information from 27 Partner BMOs and design survey samples of the MSMEs, separately per each organization. It is expected that the samples will be prepared by the Consultant and submitted to UNDP for approval.

5. Identify the actual data to establish baseline or update key Project indicators related to 27 partner BMOs’ membership, service provision and advocacy activities through:

a) Reviewing the available internal documents of 27 BMOs for available information.

b) Conducting short interviews/meetings with the leaders of 27 BMOs to supplement available information.

c) Documenting and analyzing findings.

6. Pre-test membership survey questionnaire and ensure pre-notification

As comments from UNDP and Partner BMOs are incorporated into the membership survey questionnaire, the Consultant should run the pilot test under real conditions and provide detailed feedback. If the Consultant identifies problems with the questionnaire, these should be reported back to UNDP. Modifications should be made to the questionnaire on the basis of lessons learned during the pilot test and group discussions before the actual survey commences.

Coordinate with the partner BMOs to arrange pre-notification for members on forthcoming survey and that it will be arriving from a third party (UNDP). Prepare a draft cover letter to be distributed on why the survey is being done and why it is important for them to participate. Letter to be approved by UNDP prior to distribution.

7. Conduct membership survey to identify the actual data related to awareness, perceptions, satisfaction and loyalty of MSMEs that are members of the Partner BMOs. The Consultant will conduct interviews with selected representatives of MSMEs as per agreed samples of respondents. The modality of the surveys should be telephone interviews. The electronic questionnaire may be used as a supplementary tool, if approved as a part of the methodology by UNDP. The Consultant shall take full responsibility of all quantitative and qualitative data collection.

8. Analyse the data and draft a brief report. The Consultant will analyse and consolidate the data obtained during the assignment and will compile relevant Excel charts and a brief consolidated report. The report shall be prepared in Ukrainian.

The final structure and content of the report shall be agreed with UNDP, and consist of the following tentative sections:

  1. Executive summary (1-2 pages) of the Report.
  2. Description of research methodology, including but not limited to structure and description of the study samples, interviewing approach, limitations and challenges encountered.
  3. Key findings as per assignment objectives per each BMO (up to 2 pages A-4 per organization). Data shall be presented visually to the extent possible.
  4. Annexes (survey forms, interview guides and questionnaires, timetables, databases and any other materials related to the study). Filled in questionnaires should be made available for checks at the request of UNDP.

9. Present the results. Upon completing the Report, the Consultant will prepare presentation in Ukrainian, which should cover brief methodology, results and main findings of the survey for Partner BMOs. It should be prepared in PowerPoint format (or another format approved by UNDP) and agreed with UNDP. The Consultant is expected to participate in at least one meeting with Partner BMOs to present the findings. It is expected that meetings will be organized online (virtually).

To see more details and apply, please follow the link

Deadline for submission is 08-Apr-21 (Midnight New York, USA)


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