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Національний консультант з проведення IT-аудиту партнерських бізнес організацій

UNDP in Ukraine is looking for a National Consultant to provide IT-audit in selected MSME Business Membership Organizations under Strengthening MSME Business Membership Organizations in Ukraine Project


Under the direct supervision of the Project Manager, the Consultant will closely work with 27 partner BMOs and perform the below activities focusing on the achievement of the following objectives:

  1. Review the documents provided by UNDP to obtain better understanding of the project goals, context, and profiles of the targeted BMOs in Ukraine, as well as any available assessments in order to tailor the consultancy to BMO priorities.
  2. Develop a workplan covering main activities and key stages of the assignment implementation.
  3. Develop the IT audit toolkit, approve it with UNDP.
  4. Ensure preparation of the programs of 3 webinars addressing the following topics:
    1. Review of digital tools for managing the BMO membership base;
    2. Review of digital tools for managing knowledge bases, education programs;
    3. Overview of digital B2B services and a possibility of integrating them into the work of BMO. Mutual integration of digital tools in the long term.
  5. Deliver 3 webinars (each should be 2 hours long), ensuring the recording of the webinar to enable the public distribution of training material online.
  6. Conduct an IT audit for 27 partner BMOs, which will cover the organization’s current experience in using digital tools, give appropriate recommendations (at least 2 pages for each BMO) in the following areas:
    1. Digitalization of member relationship management;
    2. Providing free and paid services to BMO members and non-members based on digital services;
    3. Creation of communication platforms for regular study of the views of members and non-members of BMOs about problems in the development of small business and moderation of joint advocacy campaigns.
  7. Assess the risks in 27 BMOs` IT management and give short recommendations on how to mitigate them (at least 1 page for each BMO).
  8. Provide a generalized report to the Project, which, in addition to individual BMO recommendations, will contain recommendations for the project team on priority support for the implementation of certain digital tools for all 27 partners in general and for three groups separately:
  • CCI;
  • Industry BMO;
  • Universal BMO.


The Consultant should possess the following qualifications, experience and skills:

Educational background:

At least Master’s degree or equivalent in IT Management, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Social Sciences, Public Administration, Business Administration, Political Science or other relevant area; Professional Experience:

  • At least 7 years of working experience in IT management and\or providing IT advisory service.
  • At least 5 years in conducting IT audit of profit and/or non-profit organizations.
  • At least 5 years in designing and providing trainings, capacity building programs, including to CSOs/NGOs/BMOs.
  • Previous working experience with UN funded programmes or other international organizations would be an asset

Language Skills:

  • Fluency in Ukrainian and/or Russian and basic level of English is required. Competencies

To see more details and apply, please follow the link: 

Deadline for application is 18/11/2020.

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