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Національний консультант з проведення тренінгів з питань фандрейзингу та реалізації проектів для ЧБО

UNDP in Ukraine is looking for a National consultant to deliver training and post-training coaching on fundraising and project implementation for 27 BMOs.

The main objective of the assignment is to develop skills and improve capacities of 27 partner BMOs to mobilize external resources (grants, project funding) from international donor organizations, international technical assistance projects and corporate social responsibility programs of the large Ukrainian companies to ensure their financial sustainability. The incumbent will conduct an in-depth analysis of the fundraising experience of each of 27 BMOs and provide recommendations for improving the existing practice, which will be included  by the Project in the long-term training programs for leaders of the BMOs.


Under the direct supervision of the Project Manager, the Consultant will perform the below activities focusing on the achievement of the following objectives:

1.     Review the background documents including:

a)       Documents provided by UNDP to obtain better understanding of the project goals, context and profiles of targeted BMOs in Ukraine, as well as any available assessments in order to tailor the training to BMO priorities;

b)      Available examples of fundraising projects (grant applications) and new projects’ (grant applications) drafts of 27 selected BMOs

2.   Prepare and deliver 3 training on fundraising, resource mobilization and project management for BMOs. The agenda and content of the training, as well as all training materials should consider the specificity of selected BMOs among which there are sectoral organizations, universal MSME membership organizations and regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry. To this end the consultant will:

a)       Review current status of fundraising activities/external resource mobilization in BMOs;

b)      Develop a detailed plan for 3 webinars covering (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • General description of donor organizations: according to sources of funding, goals, values;
  • Business environment, business associations development programmes, direct support for small and medium businesses;
  • Analysis of proposals and the formation of the map of priorities, portfolio for the donor, partnership;
  • The rules and techniques for preparing effective grant applications;
  • Management of grant projects: resources, results, and accountability;
  • The formation of a resource plan for the organization, planning and project portfolio management.

c)       Develop a questionnaire/evaluation tool for different aspects of the training, including pre- and post-training participants’ capacity assessment tools.

Note: Individual issues of a separate BMO can be considered during the training only upon the consent of the organization’s representative.

3.    Deliver individual coaching for each of the 27 selected BMOs on the formation of individual resource plans and preparation of at least 1 quality grant application for each participant. The work format assumes an exchange of written recommendations or verbal consultations.

4.   Prepare interim reports for UNDP on the status of the resource base and skills of responsible personnel in 27 selected BMOs;

5.   Prepare an overview report of the current grant support programs for business associations in Ukraine with an analysis of typical mistakes when submitting application forms for further public dissemination (ppt slides, with infographics, pdf, up to 40 pages).


The Consultant should possess the following qualifications, experience and skills:

Educational background:

  • At least Master’s degree or equivalent in International Relations, Management, Law, Social Sciences, Public Administration, Business Administration, Political Science or other relevant area;

Professional Experience:

  • At least 7 years of practical experience in consulting of NGO/BMO on fundraising, project management and development of internal policies of BMOs.
  • Personal experience of financial resources attraction and project management of NGOs/BMOs in a role of a project manager or fundraising manager proved by at least 2 examples of fundraising for NGOs/BMOs in the amount not less than USD 50k each project;
  • At least 5 years of experience in the management of business-service organizations: either business member associations or the organizations which at the local/regional level are engaged in the development of small/medium business;
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills with demonstrable experience of having undertaken similar assignments in Ukraine proved by at least 2 previously accomplished reports or studies with infographics and a link to at least 1 relevant webinar/workshop/training provided to NGOs/BMOs;
  • Working experience with the UN funded programmes or other international technical assistance projects would be an asset;

Language Skills:

  • Fluency in Ukrainian and/or Russian and working English is required, fluency in English would be an asset.

To see more details and apply, please follow the link:

Deadline for application: 09-Nov-20

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