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External Consultant for Staff Well-being Workshops

International Medical Corps is working to relieve the suffering of those affected by war, natural disaster and disease. We deliver vital healthcare services that focus on training and help devastated populations return to self-reliance. In Ukraine, we have been supporting those affected by the conflict in the ECA with Mental Health programs as well as a response to the COVID-19 involving Health and Mental Heath efforts.

Due to the nature of our work, and understanding the tremendous efforts of our staff and the toll such work can take on a person, IMC is seeking an external consultant to provide a “Staff Well Being” seminar to help our team continue to provide the crucial work they do.

Owning both to the nature of our work as well as how we are structured, the seminars are anticipated to be provided to

              -3 groups of about 9 people separately (3 groups x 1 day = 3 days)

              -2 groups remotely – via Skype or similar.

The consultant is free to propose interventions which, in their expertise will best address the needs of our team. However IMC envisions that the workshops will address the following topics:

  1. Stress Management and Resilience capacity building: how does a person recognize the signs of and mitigate against the effects of stress: both day-to-day and longer term? What is resilience and how to improve it; Using mindfulness techniques in stress management;
  2. Prevention and reducing of emotional burn-out: what does it mean? How does it affect a person and a team? How to recognize and mitigate it. Tips on prevention of emotional burn-out.
  3. Effective communication in the workplace: How to build trustful relationships? Tips on acceptance language. Basic non – verbal clues and verbal models of effective communication;
  4. Conflict prevention in the workplace tips on how to avoid conflict in how we communicate and how we tailor or structure our work to reduce workplace tension.  How prioritize tasks and meet deadlines timely? How to deal conflict situation in a most effective way?  


It is foreseen that the seminar, consisting of the above topics and any other relevant ones as suggested, can be provided comfortably in a total of 5-8 hours, with breaks for coffee and lunch. IMC will divide Mariupol based team into 3 groups to ensure so as to respect social distance guidelines and to provide optimal group size. Teams will be a mixture of program and operational staff in each session.

The consultant must deliver sessions in fluent local language.

IMC will provide

-a venue for the in-person workshops (including meals and refreshments on that day). The venue will be determined by IMC criteria including the ability to respect social distance and hygiene.

-organization of all participants into specific workshop groups

-professional development / adaptation of criteria with consultant

The consultant will provide

-a detailed plan, as part of this application process and up to 2 working days of development of plan with IMC staff if selected

-transportation to, accommodation, meals in Mariupol for the 3 in-person sessions

-computer and communications equipment in order to provide the workshop remotely


IMC will review applications based on the following criteria and scoring. IMC will not release any scores to applications: criteria is for our own internal guidance only.




Detailed written proposal addressing all topics


Detailed budget showing all costs


Proposal written in fluent English


Methodology for each of the 4 sessions

40 (10x4)

Additional topics in support of the objective

10 (5x maximum 2)

Timeliness – able to conduct the workshop within 30 days of award


Cost Effectiveness



Applicants should provide a detailed narrative explaining how their approach to the 4 topics as well as any others which, in their opinion compliment the objective of the workshop. Applicants should either cite the source of materials they will use (and whether permission to use is necessary or obtained) as well as information on any other topics which they believe will address the needs. Applicants must also provide a budget with primary categories; however payment will be 100% based on successful completion of the workshops (and not based upon receipts).

In order to apply, submit your applications as soon as possible at

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