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Lead Consultant on Guide Development

The TB Europe Coalition (“TBEC”), non-profit foundation registered in the Netherlands, is pleased to announce a call for expression of interest for the position of Lead Consultant to prepare a regional technical guide on multisectoral accountability in aspects of the participation of civil society and communities  in the framework of the implementation of the current tasks of the project funded by the Eurasian Harm Reduction Association.

Background information on the project:

The project is financed by the Eurasian Harm Reduction Association and aimed to foster civil society and affected communities’ involvement in the implementation of multisectoral accountability framework on Tuberculosis (MAF-TB) and MAF-TB checklist in its aspects of involvement of civil society and TB affected communities in TB response.

Objective of the assignment:

The purpose of the activity is to prepare regional technical guide on multisectoral accountability in aspects of the participation of civil society and communities, in English and Russian.

Scope of work/Expected outcomes:

1. Development of the structure of the technical guide: content, goals and objectives of each section

2. Preparation of a list of key international documents governing the TB response measures, which can serve as a starting point for enhancing the meaningful participation of CSOs and communities in TB control and multisectoral accountability processes

3. Development of an algorithm for CSO actions to strengthen and facilitate national processes of multisectoral accountability at the country level (cooperation with NTP, MOH, CCM, etc.)

4. Development of an example of a general term of reference for the work of groups / platforms to facilitate multisectoral accountability processes

5. Preparation of recommendations on the implementation of WHO multisectoral accountability tools in aspects of assessing the significant involvement of CSOs and communities in the country TB response, including accountability processes

6. Making recommendations to highlight the role of CSOs and communities in preparing annual country reports on TB progress

7. Preparation of the technical guide, in English and Russian, in the print-ready form, and presentation of the material at the TBEC regional webinar.

Duration of the assignment and remuneration provisions:

The work is expected to start after signature of the specific agreement for individual consultancy services.

The duration of agreement is August 15 - November 15, 2020.


  1. Individual consultants are invited to submit the expression of interest for the consultancy services mentioned above.
  1. TBEC offers the following type of cooperation:
  • Consultancy Agreement with an Individual Consultant/Expert. Consultant is solely responsible for determining his/her tax liabilities and for the payment of any taxes and/or duties, in accordance with local or other applicable laws. Remuneration will be paid in US Dollars, so Сonsultant shall have a USD bank account.
  1. The contract will be awarded on the competitive basis to a Consultant/Expert with the highest qualifications and meeting all requirements described in Terms of References (ToR[1]). Consultant will be evaluated based on the qualifications.
  2. Consultancy fee for a given assignment will be based on the cost of the final product and will be negotiated with a Consultant/Expert with the highest evaluation results.
  1. Your expression of interest should contain the following documents:

ü  CV with proven experience and qualifications (in Eng, not more than 5 pages).

ü  Motivation letter (in Eng, not more than 2 pages), clearly describing existing experience in the area of the proposed assignment

  1. All documents for expression of your interest should be submitted electronically to Anna Medvedenko, Administrative Officer, TBEC, at the following address
  2. The deadline for receipt of your expression of interest by e-mail indicated: August 7, 2020, 6 PM, Kiev time. Late proposals will be rejected

[1] All the short-listed Consultants/Experts will be included in the TBEC Consultancy pool for potential future cooperation according to the Consultants’ expertize.


  • Medvedenko
  • Administrative Officer
  •  TBEC
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