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Individual Consultant to to conduct online coaching/needs assessment visit

The TB Europe Coalition, non-profit foundation registered in the Netherlands, is pleased to announce a call for expression of interest to conduct online coaching/needs assessment visit  to Republic of Tajikistan.

Objective of the assignment:

The purpose of the needs assessment is to understand the capacity opportunities and gaps of the grantee’ knowledge and skills related to TB-REP 2.0. project type in the country; to document the needs in technical support and capacity development and provide the recommendation on how to increase the effectiveness of the grantee in implementation of their objectives depending on the grand type.

During online coaching visit, objectives and targets of the small grant in Republic of Tajikistan will be considered; strengths and weaknesses in the context of achieving the goals that have been specified in TB-REP 2.0. small grant’s implementation plan will be identified. Specific requests for technical assistance will be informed by the project goal of national partner.   

Online meetings with national stakeholders such as NTP and parliamentarians are envisaged as a part of the needs assessment plan to assess potential for advocacy and reform.

Scope of work:

Individual Consultant will be expected to:

  1. In cooperation with the TBEC secretariat:
  • Develop an needs assessment/coaching visit plan with a list of meetings and issues to address;
  • Negotiate with local CSOs an online needs assessment/coaching visit plan and agenda;
  • Draft needs assessment/coaching visit report structure;
  • Finalize needs assessment/coaching visit report after comments received from TBEC secretariat and TB-REP 2.0 partners.
  1. Conduct online needs assessment/coaching visits to the Republic of Tajikistan and facilitate all meetings within it. The number of meetings will depend on needs of the civil society partner in the country.
  2. Prepare in 2 weeks after the visit narrative report on the results of the online needs assessment/coaching visit according to the agreed report structure.

Online needs assessment/coaching visits to the Republic of Tajikistan will be held in August - September, 2020.

Expected outcomes:

Individual Consultant will provide the following deliverable, in English or Russian, to the TBEC:

  1. The visit report provided with key findings/recommendations/potential solutions to impact on increasing the effectiveness of the organization and to overcome obstacles identified by the visit.  

It is expected that the results of the visit can shape advocacy strategies of the
TB-REP 2.0. partners (grantees) and transform the project activities and help ensure results have the maximum effect.

Duration of the assignment and remuneration provisions:

  • The work is expected to start after signature of the specific agreement with individual consultant.
  • The duration of agreement is August 06, 2020 – October 31, 2020.
  • Payment will be made based on the results of the visit, provision of all deliverables to TBEC team and revision of report according to comment received from all TB-REP 2.0 partners.
  • Remuneration will be paid in US Dollars, so Consultant shall have a USD bank account.
  • The Consultant will be responsible for the payment of taxes according to the laws of his(her) country of residence.

Qualification requirements:

Individual Consultant, providing consultancy services, is expected to have a strong background in TB and civil society, as well as good understanding of overall context of the TB programs specific to the country(s) environment.

Consultant should meet the following qualifications:


  • Educational background in social work or social science, public health, health policy epidemiology, public administration and in other relevant fields (or commensurable working experience).
  • Knowledge and understanding of the national and regional responses to TB, particularly on WHO recommended strategies for people-centred TB care in the EECA region;
  • Understanding of TB epidemiology, TB policies and interventions, and health systems in the country;
  • Understanding of the policy context of the EECA region, particularly on transition to people-centred models of TB care; communities, rights and gender; and multisectoral accountability processes
  • Familiarity with the civil society and TB affected communities’ actors in the country and the country-specific social context they operate in;
  • Proven experience in developing recommendations for people-centred TB approach;
  • Proven experience in monitoring/coaching/needs assessment or research field visits;
  • Experience of providing consultancy services under regional projects is an asset.
  • Experience of providing consultancy services under TBEC projects is considered an asset.



  • Proven experience in program monitoring and evaluation, particularly on evidence-based outcomes of service delivery impact;
  • Ability to formulate conclusions, and recommendations for strengthening TB prevention, care and control activities and intersectoral cooperation between TB stakeholders;
  • Good writing and reporting skills (in English and Russian);
  • Cultural-sensitive communication skills;
  • Ability to work independently and respond to feedback in a timely and professional manner;
  • Proven ability to meet deadlines.



  • Knowledge of Russian is required.
  • Knowledge of English is considered an asset.


  1. Individual consultants are invited to submit expression of interest for the consultancy services mentioned above.
  1. TBEC offers the following type of cooperation:
  • Consultancy Agreement with an Individual Consultant/Expert. The Consultant will be responsible for the payment of taxes according to the laws of his(her) country of residence. Remuneration will be paid in US Dollars, so consultant shall have a USD bank account.
  1. The contract will be awarded on the competitive basis to a Consultant/Expert with the highest qualifications and meeting all requirements described in Terms of References (ToR[1]). Consultant will be evaluated based on the qualifications.
  2. Consultancy fee for a given assignment will be based on the cost of the final product and will be negotiated with a Consultant/Expert with the highest evaluation results.
  1. Your expression of interest should contain the following documents:

ü  CV with proven experience and qualifications (in Eng/Rus, not more than 3 pages).

ü  Motivation letter (in Eng/Rus, not more than 3 pages), clearly describing existing experience in the area of the proposed assignment

Failure to meet this requirements will lead to automatic disqualification of application;

  1. All documents for expression of your interest should be submitted electronically to Anna Medvedenko, Administrative Officer, TBEC, at the following address
  2. The deadline for receipt of your expression of interest: August 5, 2020, 6 PM, Kyiv time. Late proposals will be rejected.
  3. Selected candidate will be contacted by August 6, 2020.  
  4. The evaluation and selection will be conducted through procurement procedures set out in the TB-REP2.0 sub-grant agreement between TBEC and PAS Center, as a TB-REP2.0 Principle Recipient of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and are aligned to the World Bank Guidelines. Questions regarding procurement procedures as well as other related to the topic of the current request can be addressed to Anna Medvedenko, Administrative Officer, TBEC, at the following address

[1] All the short-listed Consultants/Experts will be included in the TBEC Consultancy pool for potential future cooperation according to the Consultants’ expertize.



  • Anna Medvedenko
  • Administrative Officer
  •  TBEC
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