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The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies is hiring Ukraine-based research assistant

The The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies is looking for a research assistant to work on data-driven projects on defense and security policy (remote employment).

Are you interested in becoming familiar with various cutting-edge tools of collaborative evidence-based policy analysis and research? In working with international experts on real-life projects, providing policy advice to various public and private customers, and adding your name to international reports/publications?

The The Hague Centre for Strategic Studiesis hiring a Ukraine-based research assistant to join its ‘Team Ukraine’ and help out with our research projects on defense and security policy. These positions are remunerated and are based on remote (internet-based) employment. Successful candidates will receive valuable hands-on experience in cutting-edge research techniques on various topics of relevance to international relations and security.
Our experience over the past few years has shown that this is a perfect opportunity for people who are planning to apply to international graduate schools - the research experience and international publications will greatly increase your chances of acceptance (and funding), and the HCSS team is also willing to help its Ukrainian colleagues with the application process.
About the The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies
We are a highly respected independent think tank in the Netherlands that was spun off from TNO the large (about 4000 scientists) Dutch Research and Technology Organization in 2007. We work on strategic issues related primarily to international security for the benefit of Dutch and other European public (and – to a smaller extent – private) customers.
The ideal candidate:
  • A fresh graduate/master’s student/mid-level analyst with an above-average academic record in Political Sciences, Economic Sciences, International Relations, another social science or in data science;
  • is genuinely interested in international relations and evidence-based applied policy research;
  • is familiar with Python or R
  • REALLY likes working with computers and software, is open to both qualitative and quantitative research, and is comfortable in learning various software tools;
  • can quickly pick up new things;
  • is comfortable working online in an international team under (sometimes) stressful conditions;
  • is fluent in English and Russian (applicants with additional Chinese proficiency are also strongly encouraged to apply)
  • is able to work entirely online and deliver results (we strongly encourage people living in regions of Ukraine other than Kyiv to apply!)
This job is ideally suited for people who:
  • seek an internet-based/part-time job to complement their studies/internships/research activities;
  • want to deepen their knowledge on how to conduct top-notch research and be a part of a team developing evidence-based research projects for governments and international organizations;
  • want to develop technical skills by learning such tools as (but not limited to): Google docs, search engines, textand data-mining, machine learning, business intelligence tools (Tableau, Metabase, etc.), data visualization tools (mostly in R and python), corpus annotation tools (Dedoose, prodigy, QuickCode, BRAT, etc.), event databases, Adobe Creative Suite, LibreOffice, Zotero, various bibliometric tools (VosViewer, CiteSpace), Rizzoma, etc.;
  • embrace the ‘life-long learning’ concept and are willing to learn something new with each new research task.
  • Successfully completed Bachelor’s/Master’s degree;
  • Keen analytical skills;
  • Advanced English (s/he should at least be able to communicate with HCSS people and other people involved in HCSS projects), and close-to-native Russian;
  • Access to a decent computer AND reliable Internet;
  • Good communication and time management skills;
  • Considerable stress-resistance.
  • a 1-month trial period at €200 euro;
  • upon successful completion of the trial period: €400 euro/month in return for a commitment of at least 25 hrs/week for 2 months.
  • possible further collaboration upon the project completion (mid-October 2020).
Additional benefits:
  • an HCSS business card;
  • assistance with letters of recommendation, general application process to Western graduate (Master’s/Ph.D.) schools especially in policy analysis, but also in Political Sciences and other social sciences.
  • work experience in one of the world’s recognized independent think-tanks looks good on the resume;
  • opportunity to (meritocratically) get authorship credit of HCSS publications, if deserved (again: looks great on CVs).
If you are interested in applying, please send us an email to [email protected] with the subject ‘*your name*/RA application’ and include
  • your CV;
  • an expression of purpose (why are you interested in these positions?) that could be:
    • a one-page (maximum) letter;
    • a 5’ (maximum) video; or
    • a (single) visual image containing elements of why you are interested.
Selected candidates will be invited to a test on Rizzoma.
We intend to fill these positions as soon as possible, so if you’re interested please get back to us us at your earliest convenience.


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