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Coordinator of trainings, round 4. EU-financed U-LEAD with Europe Programme

Coordinator of trainings, round 4 for the EU-financed programme for support to the Ukrainian Decentralisation Reform: U-LEAD with Europe Programme

NIRAS is looking for a Coordinator of Trainings for implementation of NIRAS support to Sida for U-LEAD with Europe Programme-Ukraine Local Empowerment, Accountability and Development Programme, Support to improved administrative service delivery, Roll-out phase, round 4.

The position shall be a consultancy contract for a period of maximum 7 months starting from August 2020.

Description of the assignment context

U-LEAD with Europe is a multi-donor action of the European Union and its Member States Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Poland and Sweden. The Programme aims at supporting the Decentralisation reform in Ukraine and contributes to the establishment of multilevel governance that is transparent, accountable and responsive to the needs of the population.

The Programme has two main objectives:

1. Enhancement of the capacities of key stakeholders at the national, regional and local levels to implement the regional policy and decentralisation reforms (GIZ). This includes vertical and horizontal coordination and capacity development at all levels of government throughout Ukraine.

2. Empowerment of amalgamated communities to deliver high quality administrative services to their citizens aims at contributing to the ongo- ing decentralisation reform in Ukraine (Sida). During the Roll-out phase (2018-2020) Sida is aiming at to support up to 600 Administrative Service Centres to improve the service provision for citizens of Ukraine.

NIRAS is responsible for establishment of up to 574 Administrative Service Centres within the Roll-out phase (rounds 1-4).


The Coordinator of Trainings (CoT) is responsible for coordination of the execution of trainings in accordance with the training manual developed for “ULEAD with Europe” by SALAR during the Inception Phase. The Coor- dinator of Trainings will plan the training sessions in an efficient way ensuring that all members of Administrative Service Centres (ASC) staff and selected members of local governance can attend training. The training should be provided in five modules as specified in the ToR for training of ASC staff and the introduction to training of ASC staff.

The following is an outline of the areas of responsibility of CoT:

  • Coordinate and supervise the work of Trainers, and efficient delivery of trainings

  • Ensure efficient knowledge management within the team of Trainers

  • Ensure integration of the content described in the manuals and materials within the Support Package on how to establish an ASC into delivery of trainings

  • Coordinate the delivery of in-service training for ASC administrators and other relevant representatives of local authorities

  • Responsible for duly archiving of all documentation related to trainings

  • Make sure that the cross-cutting issues integration in the process of institutional establishment of ASC

    Skills and Experience

  • Master’s degree in political science, legal affairs, economics or equivalent qualification,

  • work experience of at least 5 years of organisation of training;

  • very good skills in English, Ukrainian and Russian.

    It will also be considered a merit to have previous experience of work with Administrative Service Centres or similar structures.

    Conditions & Logistics

    A consultancy contract will be signed between NIRAS and the CoT which will outline the conditions for the position in detail.

    Please note this position is not an employment position, meaning that applicants must be established as consultants and will be liable to pay all relevant taxes and insurances.

    Evaluation of response & selection

    Interested applicants should send their proposal, comprising the following documents, to NIRAS no later than July 23d, 2020:

    a) A short explanation of the applicant’s suitability for the assignment (maximum one A4-page)

    b) Up-to-date CV indicating relevant experience and qualifications, indicating at least three contact references

    The CoT will be selected based on the consultant’s competence and suitability – based on the expert requirements described above.

    Proposals and questions should be sent by email to:

    [email protected]


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