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Deputy Field Coordinator / Заступник польового координатора (Сєвєродонецьк)

Medicos del Mundo - Лікарі світу шукає Deputy Field Coordinator / Заступника польового координатора в Сєвєродонецьк.

For our program in Ukraine, to support our activities, we are looking for Deputy Field Coordinator (DepFieldCo) based in Severodonetsk, travelling frequently in the region.

 Under the responsibility of the Field Coordinator, the DepFieldCo will supervise the field project team responsible for implementation of activities in Luhansk region NGCA, support admin and log teams of the base and ensure close collaboration between logistic, medical, mental health and administrative departments. The DepFieldCo will have direct management responsibility for the MH Manager based in Severodonetsk and be responsible for the oversight of the MH programme in general.

 During the absence of the Field Co, ensure team security and safety and compliance with security regulations for the staff of the Severodonetsk base. S/he will assess continuously the humanitarian and security situation in the field and provide timely information to the Field Co.


Under supervision of FieldCo, the DepFieldCo will contribute to:

Base Management

  • Where necessary, support team members in their duties providing basic technical support and gap filling responsibilities
  • Ensuring adequate information flow within and between the different teams and departments
  • Support the Field Co in overseeing and coordinating the general functioning of the base and all departments/services
  • Create/maintain a team spirit within the different departments and among the staff ensuring strong working relationships between field and office staff
  • Ensure good collaboration, mutualisation, coordination and analysis with other projects if needed

Program management

  • To specifically support in the management of the MH programme, providing managerial oversight and support to the MH Manager SVD
  • Contributes to the definition revision of MDM strategy in Ukraine, draws up scenarios and proposals, and supports the budget creation/revision for future/new activities in collaboration with the coordination team and relevant departments
  • To provide supervision and technical support to project related workers in Luhansk oblast on their daily tasks and ensure effective and efficient implementation of the planned activities
  • To lead on regular coordination with key implementing partners such as PIN including logistical arrangement and access permissions
  • To work closely with the Liaison Officer and conduct regular coordination with the local and regional authorities and report all relevant updates to the Field Co.
  • To ensure all documentation (registration, accreditation, reports, activity updates, validations) are carried out on time and coordinated with the responsible focal points
  • To ensure that all components of the program are consistent and in line with medical needs and standards
  • To support the implementation of M&E systems, contributing to the development and implementation of data collection processes
  • To provide regular reporting to the Field Co in order to ensure appropriate information flows, needs, gaps and programme updates
  • To participate in and facilitate needs assessments, data collection, coordination meetings and monitoring visits with other MdM staff
  • To manage the relationship with partner organisations and ensure effective communication
  • To assist the Field Co with the implementation of the general MdM activities

Technical support

  • Provides specific support and oversight to the MH programme in Luhansk oblast
  • To support field and technical teams with daily implementation and programme quality oversight
  • Works in close collaboration with the MEAL team in order to ensure close monitoring of targets and indicators
  • Follows up on MH project implementation (and medical) and liaise between field teams and technical coordinators
  • To supervise Capacity Building activities and ensure correct implementation
  • To coordinate with Field Co and Logistics Coordinator on movement requests for field trips
  • To ensure a regular communication with technical coordinators and Field Co to help improve the intervention strategy and flow of information
  • Assures good planning and implementation, creates project planning and implementation tools for use by the team, supports communication, efficiency and effectiveness of the team

Coordination with NGOs, authorities and local associations

  • In support of the Liaison Officer ensures close coordination with the local and regional authorities
  • To ensure regular coordination and communication with health partners and MdM project partners in collaboration with the Field Co
  • To attend cluster meetings where applicable and relevant
  • To provide a short summary of meetings attended
  • To maintain regular contacts with other medical and non-medical organizations


  • To review information provided by beneficiaries, field teams, health authorities and MEAL team on needs and gaps in service provision
  • To inform and discuss with technical coordinators and the Field Co needs, gaps and irregularities in the system
  • Supports in the development of reports detailing activities done, supervision provided, training given, assessments undertaken etc
  • To review collected data on a regular basis and set up corrective measures in coordination with technical coordinators and Field Co

Safety and Security Management

  • Carry out regular coordination with the Liaison Officer, Security Officer and local authorities in relation so security - patterns, incidents and developments
  • Provide regular reporting on incidents and challenges to the Field Co
  • Have strong understanding of the security rules and regulations
  • Ensure staff understanding of the security rules and that activities are carried out in the safest possible environment
  • Ensure the proper care and maintenance of MdM equipment
  • Proactively monitor the political, military and security situation in Luhansk Oblast and update the Field Co


  • Perform other additional duties on request of Medical and Field Coordinators
  • To comply with all internal principles and norms of conduct of MdM
  • Be flexible in performing his/her duties to ensure that beneficiaries are getting good quality of services

Profile required

  • Previous experience in humanitarian, coordination and emergency fields
  • Knowledge of public health issues
  • Knowledge of Ukrainian policy and national guidelines
  • Experience in working and meeting with local authorities, partners and staff in a tricky context
  • At least 2 years experience working with NGOs

Language and computer skills

  • English/Russian/Ukrainian (fluent)
  • Competency in Microsoft Office.

Personal skills required

  • Ability to take quick decisions according to the context in coordination with the team
  • Diplomacy
  • Reactivity, anticipation, adaptability, capacity to take initiatives
  • Organizational skills
  • Good writing and communication skills
  • Team work spirit
  • Gender sensitive

To apply:

Send CV (inc reference contacts)+cover letter with the “Deputy Field Coordinator - Severodonetsk” notice 

through the link:

to e-mail:

to e-mail:

We offer:

  • Fixed term contract until the 30/04/2020 with possible extension (depends on successful performance and availability of funds)
  • Salary according to the MDM salary Grid
  • Medical insurance


Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to the interview.

Position will be filled on an ongoing basis. 


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