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Менеджер з програм у сфері психосоціальної підтримки та психічного здоров’я (Бахмут)

Medicos del Mundo - Лікарі світу шукає MHPSS Manager / Менеджера з програм у сфері психосоціальної підтримки та психічного здоров'я в м. Бахмут.

The humanitarian aid organizations “Medicos del Mundo” and “Arzte der Welt” are the Spanish and German division of the international network Medecins du Monde/Doctors of the World (MdM).

MDM has been operating in Ukraine since August 2015 and is currently implementing an emergency response and recovery program in the Eastern part of Ukraine.

The program is implemented around two main components: direct delivery of services through multidisciplinary mobile units (including PHC, SRH, MHPSS and support to GBV survivors); strengthening of local health system (with a specific focus on PHC, SRH, MHPSS and GBV) through capacity building of health and non-health staff, awareness raising and advocacy.


For our program in Ukraine, to support our activities, we are looking for Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) Manager based in Bakhmut with frequent visits to other locations within Bahmut rayon.

Under the direct supervision of the Field Coordinator and technical guidance of the MHPSS Coordinator, the MHPSS Manager provides ongoing supervision for MDM’s MHPSS activities and supports their implementation on the field level:

· S/he provides managerial supervision of MHPSS activities: MHPSS community needs assessments; capacity building activities and trainings; supervision process for training delivered in Bakhmut rayon;

· S/he provides clinical supervision of MDM psychologists, and Mental Health Officer;

· S/he is responsible for developing and supporting referral pathway to specialized levels of MH care to improve access to mental health services;

· S/he participates in the regional level MHPSS coordination mechanisms (international and local);

· S/he is responsible for ensuring the M&E data collection and reporting for MHPSS activities at Bahmut rayon level;

· S/he is responsible for implementation of MHPSS advocacy strategy on a regional level



  • Assist in design, planning, implementation and supervision of MdM’s MHPSS activities in Donetsk oblast;
  • Plan, co-facilitate and supervise capacity building in MHPSS with the support of MHPSS Technical Lead Specialist, MHPSS Coordinator;
  • Be responsible for ensuring all MHPSS activities in Donetsk oblast are implemented with a high quality of care for beneficiaries;
  • Be responsible for MHPSS staff - care policy implementation on the field level.


  • Provide clinical supervision and technical support to outreach psychologists and the MH Officer on a field level on their daily activities in order to ensure safety for the staff and beneficiaries;
  • Support the team in the implementation of MdM Mental Health and GBV Guidelines and procedures so all components of the program are consistent and in line with international MHPSS standards and good practices;
  • Assess knowledge and skills to develop individual capacity building plans for MHPSS team and local health care providers and assist in organizing and/or in providing trainings accordingly in coordination with MHPSS Coordinator and Health Coordinator;
  • Identify needs and topic areas for IEC materials on community level, to plan awareness-raising activities on MHPSS and GBV jointly with health focal points;
  • Support the development of quality referral pathways for MHPSS needs identified through MdM activities;
  • Follow up the quality of MHPSS activities through regular field visits and monitoring of data collection processes;
  • Maintain a regular communication with field staff to help improve overall Health intervention in Donetsk oblast and respond to the needs that have been identified;
  • Subordinate to Field Coordinator and coordinates with MH Coordinator, MHPSS Technical Lead Specialist through regular discussions/ communication to help enhance program implementation;
  • Initiates, plans and implements needs assessments on MHPSS relevant topics on the community level;
  • When needed, substitutes staff members (psychologists; MH Officer) in the direct provision of services.

HR Management

  • Participate in the recruitment of Bakhmut base mental health staff for the organization;
  • Conduct annual appraisals of staff under his/her supervision;
  • Provide follow up and approval working hours and leaves of the staff under his/her supervision;
  • Identify needs and contribute to capacity building of the MH team on the base in Bakhmut.

Coordination with NGOs, local associations

Upon request of the FieldCo:

· Maintain regular contacts with other NGOs and state organizations engaged in the provision of regional and community level MHPSS supports, through meetings, training, workshops, etc.;


  • Provide regular reporting to the FieldCo and MHPSS Coordinator, detailing activities done, supervision, training given, assessments undertaken etc.;
  • Follow up, consolidate and analyse daily mental health reports before sharing with MHPSS Coordinator;
  • Analyse the mental health data on a regular basis and develop corrective measures when needed, in coordination with MHPSS Coordinator and/or FieldCo;
  • Contribute to data collection and presentation for advocacy activities on the mission level.


  • Maintain good socio-professional relationships with national and international partners;
  • Attend team meetings and provide qualitative input;
  • Take part in advocacy and communication activities under the supervision of MHPSS Coordinator and Field Coordinator;

Note: This list of activities is not exhaustive and may change depending on the situation


Minimum level of competency:

  • Degree in clinical psychology, or other relevant to mental health and psychosocial support certified field

  • Significant experience working with NGOs and INGO in humanitarian response;
  • Knowledge and experience of Donetsk oblast is a plus;
  • Experience in mental health and psychosocial support during emergency response, including support to victims of gender-based violence;
  • Familiarity with international standards in MHPSS, including IASC Guidelines and evidence-based interventions is highly desirable;
  • Experience in development and implementation of supervision framework is desirable;
  • Training design, content development and delivery;
  • Knowledge of Ukrainian policy and national guidelines on mental health and gender-based violence;
  • Experience in networking and coordination with local authorities, partners to ensure quality referral process;

Language and computer skills:

  • English / Russian / Ukrainian (fluent writing and speaking);
  • Competency in Microsoft Office Environment.


  • Ability to work quickly, under pressure, and with short deadlines
  • Cultural sensitivity and ability to work in a multi-cultural environment-
  • Alignment with principles and ethics of Medicos del Mundo


To apply:

Send CV (inc reference contacts)+cover letter with the MHPSS Manager - Bakhmut” notice :

through the link:

to e-mail: [email protected]

to e-mail: [email protected]


We offer:

  • Fixed term contract until the 31/12/2020 with possible extension (depends on successful performance and availability of funds).
  • Salary according to the MDM salary Grid.
  • Medical insurance.
  • Full -time job
  • Location: Bakhmut


Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to the interview.

Position will be filled on an ongoing basis. 



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