Координатор/-ка фронт деску в House of Europe

Нова програма ЄС House of Europe шукає координатора/-ку фронт деску. Дедлайн - 27 листопада 2019 року.

House of Europe is a new EU funded programme fostering professional and creative exchange between Ukrainians and their colleagues in EU countries. The programme focuses on different professional fields: culture and creative industries, education, health, social entrepreneurship, media and youth, and features various EU opportunities available for Ukrainians in an online hub (houseofeurope.org.ua). The implementation of House of Europe is led by Goethe-Institut Ukraine, with British Council, Institut Français, and Czech Centre as consortium partners.

House of Europe is recruiting a full-time Hub / Front Desk Coordinator(for ca. 3 years). Deadline for applications is 27 November 2019 15.00.

The position is based in the Kyiv office and is part of the Hub team of House of Europe. The Hub / Front Desk Сoordinator will work in close connection with Hub Manager, Hub team, and Communication team, as well as with the Programme team.

Aims of the Hub team:

-  Develop and realise the communication, dissemination, and visibility strategy of House of Europe

-  Set up a comprehensive and fully functioning online platform / hub

-  Establish a physical, EU-related information and coordination hub in Kyiv to serve as a single entry point for all inquires

-  Set up physical pop-up / hubs and a mobile pavilion throughout Ukraine

-  Ensure networking / sustainability of the House of Europe and other EU-related programmes by establishing an alumni platform

-  Provide insights in EU opportunities, foster synergies and better outreach

The Hub team works closely with Communication team. Together with the digital platform and physical spaces throughout Ukraine, the Hub team improves visibility and accessibility of House of Europe and other EU programmes available for the Ukrainians.

Hub / Front Desk Coordinator’s role profile

-  To coordinate both online and offline Kyiv-based House of Europe information and coordination hub operations

-  To develop a general knowledge of House of Europe programmes as well as other EU-funded programmes esp. for the professional fields targeted by House of Europe: cultural and creative industries, education, health, social entrepreneurship, media, and youth

-  To maintain a database of EU opportunities in Ukraine, to proactively search for EU-opportunities and, in close coordination with Communication team, transform them into summary texts publishable on the House of Europe online hub

-  To proactively engage people to participate in House of Europe and other EU-funded activities

For offline hub:

-  To co-create / co-design, and then manage the front desk

-  To facilitate the information flow between various stakeholders and relevant House of Europe Programme team and / or other relevant EU-funded programmes

-  To meet / greet people at the front desk, respond to their needs in a polite and consistent manner

-  To manage incoming and outgoing calls, being an active listener, proactively asking questions or offering next steps, and being willing to assist

-  To initiate, host, support or assist to organise Hub team related internal and external meetings / events

-  To perform other duties as assigned

For online hub:

-  To administrate both House of Europe online hub and House of Europe related application management software

-  To serve a focal point between House of Europe Communication / Programme team and the Hub team, as well as between Programme team and the application management software help desk

-  To facilitate the information flow between Communication / Programme team and Hub team

-  To respond or redirect incoming online inquiries and requests, both via online hub and general email box coming from applicants, partners, media, and grantees

-  To assist in handling requests on social media channels

Hub Coordination / Front Desk Officer’s main challenges for this role

-  Large amount of information that needs to be coordinated well and timely

-  Direct, mainly first-time contact with people that needs to be managed in a polite manner

-  Proactive approach that serves the needs of House of Europe programme generally

Hub Coordination / Front Desk Officer’s skills and qualifications


-  University degree

-  At least two (2) years of experience in an international environment preferably in one of the following sectors: international relations, regional / European matters, communications, psychology, marketing, sales, hospitality, customer service, consultancy, or equivalent

Soft skills

-  Ability to work well with people

-  Ability to research on professional opportunities in Ukraine

-  Ability to match a person’s need with a relevant EU opportunity

-  Ability to apply good judgement; to observe deadlines and achieve results

-  Ability to show persistence when faced with difficult problems / challenges; to remain calm in stressful situations

-  Ability to work collaboratively with colleagues from Hub, Communication and Programme teams to achieve organisational goals

-  Ability to be able to identify priorities and adjust them as required

-  Ability to allocate appropriate amount of time and resources for completing work

-  Ability to work flexible hours, and at times also additional hours / on weekends in connection to Hub-related events

-  Ability to show motivation in joining a challenging, multidisciplinary EU related programme


- English is essential, at least B2/C1-level

- German is an asset, at least A1/A2-level


-  experience working in an international English-speaking and/or EU environment

Personal skills

-  excellent communication skills, very good language and wording literacies

-  polite, diplomatic personality, positive and encouraging approach, ability to adjust to heterogeneous audiences and to get along with people

-  ability to quickly retrieve and extrapolate information, flexible and generalist mindset

-  strong team player, ability to reflect team roles, to react to problems in teams

-  self-reflection, willingness to revise, acceptance of criticism, ask questions where necessary

-  creative and analytic thinking, structured and result-oriented approach, ability to get things done

What we offer

-  Good salary according to the Ukrainian remuneration schemes

-  International, multi-skilled team working on a highly complex, challenging EU-programme in Ukraine

-  German language courses

Candidates wishing to apply should send the filled out application form by email to hr@houseofeurope.org.ua

Furthermore to be included

  • Motivation letter
  • CV in English
  • University degree/-s, other work / education / language certificates (.jpg or .pdf)
  • Scan of all filled-in pages of employment record book (трудова книжка)

Please enclose your contact information and a phone number by which you can be reached. Please indicate the position name “Hub / Front Desk Coordinator” in the subject of your email.

Short-listed candidates will be contacted.


  • hr@houseofeurope.org.ua
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