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Project Manager/Analyst

Reform Support Team at the Ministry of Finance is seeking a Project Manager/Analyst (Category 2, SOEs Corporate Governance Reform Implementation in Gas and Electricity Transmission System Operators). Deadline - 21.10.2019.

1.    Objective(s) and linkages to Reforms

 The Project Manager/Analyst (Category 2, SOEs Corporate Governance Reform Implementation in Gas and Electricity Transmission System Operators) will be a full-time consultant in the Reform Support Team at the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine (MoF).

The Reform Support Team (RST) is a group of Ukrainian professionals (non-public servants) funded on a temporary basis by the donors that provides targeted technical support and assists the Ministry in the design and implementation of sectoral strategies and priority reforms.

Competencies of the RST include the following core capacities:

-       Economic and legal analysis (preparation of reform proposals supported by evidence-based analysis, preparation of policy and legal drafts, regulatory impact assessment etc.), and

-       Reform program planning, implementation and coordination (inc. performance indicators, progress reports, program management, monitoring and coordination, project proposals preparation etc.).

The RST was launched in October 2016. Currently the RST is helping the Ministry to implement six priority reforms: Development of the Public Finance Management Strategy; Public Administration Reform and Capacity Building in the Ministry of Finance; Tax Reform and Establishment of the New Finance Police Service; Customs Reform; Optimization of Social Security System; and Reform of State-Owned banks and Improvement of International Financial Cooperation process.

The Government has initiated a restructuring of gas and electricity markets with the commitment of unbundling the transmission system operators into an independent structure not only from the current shareholder but also from any impact of the gas or electricity producers and suppliers, in particular, through the state authorities.

The Ministry of Finance has been delegated the management authority over JSCMAHISTRALNI GAZOPROVODY UKRAINY” and NPC Ukrenergo

Successful implementation of the corporate reform will become the foundation for further fundamental transformations in the energy sector.

The position is linked to the SOE reform outlined in (1) the “Ukraine 2020” Strategy,

(2) implementation of the Energy Community legislation in the field of energy and the commitments under the Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine.

The overall objective is to i) implement corporate governance reform in the strategic SOEs belonging to the management authority of the Ministry of Finance, in line with the OECD standards ii) monitor the implementation of strategic important sector reforms

The senior manager will be engaged in the implementation of the reforms action plans, as specified above, and specifically the capacity building in Ministry of Finance regarding the strategic SOEs management.

The Project Manager/Analyst will assist the Senior Project Manager and Reform Team to coordinate actions for the following reform areas in the MoF:

-        Development of the SOEs` corporate governance action plans (incl. strategies development for the Operators), MoFs internal regulations, adoption of a new methodology, guidelines policies and procedures in subordinated SOEs and establishing or restructuring of the specific functions of the Ministry of Finance (incl. practice-oriented training package on the public policy cycle management);

-        Internal processes optimization and standardization in MoF as the management authority (key business-processes’ review and optimization).

-        Coordination and monitoring the unbundling process and follow up activities of Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine in line with the requirements of Ukrainian and European regulation and preparation for the certification of the TSO to start operation on 1.01.2020;

-        Supervising and monitoring of the UKRENERGO’s integration into ENTSO-E progress.

All the tasks to be performed in the above-mentioned areas will be undertaken following best applicable corporate governance practices and international standards (in particular the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance and the OECD Guidelines on Corporate Governance for State-Owned Enterprises), Energy sector strategy till 2035 and taking into account the national best practices and the specificities of the local legal/institutional setting.

 2.    Duration and proposed timeframe

Duration of assignment is until December 31, 2019 with possibility for extension in 2020 subjected to MDA procedures and availability of funding. Starting date not later than November 1, 2019, including a 2-month probation period.

The Consultant shall deliver services in Ukraine and for no less than working 20 days per calendar month.

 3.    Main Duties and Responsibilities

  1. a.    Facilitation of reform implementation process

                   i.     Facilitate preparation of relevant priority work plans, allocation of responsibilities, resource planning and coordination support;

                  ii.    Collect, elaborate and submit of all relevant documents and materials (e.g. work plans, reports, analyses and proposals) needed for the activities of all relevant technical aid projects and expert missions;

                 iii.    Support the identification, collection, collation and analysis of relevant data and information to support development in the devoted areas (e.g. business processes, others in corporate governance area);

                 iv.    Assist in the design, preparation and coordination of implementation of strategical framework in devoted areas;

                  v.     Facilitate relevant technical working group(s) to support business processes improvement (for business processes optimization);

                 vi.    legal review, comments and recommendations in drafting of evidence-based policy and Reforms proposals;

                vii.    legal review of documents, produced by the Reform Team within the scope of the reforms support provided to the MoF.

  1. b.    Reform Teams (Working Groups) support

                   i.     project management (development of project/reform implementation plan, risk management, change management, etc.);

                  ii.    organizational and logistical support to Reform team (events, round tables, conferences and forums to engage stakeholders on key reform themes and policy proposals);

                 iii.    preparing of timely and quality reports and status updates on implementation progress;

                 iv.    preparation of slides for presentations, infographics.

 4.    Main anticipated deliverables

 -          Data and information search, integration ang analysis;

-          Drafting of evidence-based policy and legal reform proposals;

-          Supporting for training and capacity building of Reform teams

-          Project management support (development of project/reform implementation plan, risk management, change management, etc.)

-          Key business-processes’ in the MoF improved;

-          Legal support in participation at different working groups on various issues, related to the Corporate Governance models and plans in SOEs: support the development of legislation to establish new corporate governance models, support the processes optimization, implementing monitoring and reporting lines with the stress on management efficiency;

-          Build-up institutional capacity within the Ministry of Finance in managing the State’s interest in SOEs,

-          Regular progress reports on reform development and implementation;

-          Legal oversight input on communication plan of the particular reform developed and implemented;

-          Preparation of slides for presentations, infographics.

 5. Qualifications, Skills and Experience

5.1  Qualifications and skills:

-          At least a Bachelor degree in finance, economics, business administration, law. Master degree is an asset;

-          Strong analytical, communication and presentation skills;

-          PC literacy (PowerPoint, Project, Excel, Word; Visio is an asset);

-          Fluency in Ukrainian and English.

5.2  General professional experience:

-          Preferably more than 5 years of general professional experience (minimum 3 years), preferably 2 years of experience in economic research and analysis, project management, public or business administration, law, consulting in the energy sector or corporate governance.

5.3  Specific professional experience:

-          Proven knowledge and professional experience in data collection and analysis, project management methodologies and practices;

-          Knowledge and professional experience in organizational development, change management, business processes reorganization and improvement, Ukrainian public law and the legal and regulatory framework for SOEs in Ukraine is an asset.

 6.    Assignment Value

 The estimated monthly value of this consultancy position is in the region of EUR 800 to EUR 1400. The funding source of this assignment is the [EBRD-Ukraine Stabilization and Sustainable Growth Multi-Donor Account / the European Union]. Please note selection and contracting will be subject to the availability of funding.

 7.    Submissions

 Submissions must be prepared in English only and be delivered electronically by October 21, 2019 to the following address:

All submissions must include a completed Application Form [], the candidate’s Curriculum Vitae and Reference Letter from a recent supervisor.

Only applications which have been submitted using the correct template and are completed will be considered.

 8.    Selection Procedure

 Following the evaluation of all applications received, selected candidates will be invited to a brief written test covering both general and technical questions in both English and Ukrainian. Only short-listed candidates will be invited to an interview.


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