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Консультант з питань медіа моніторингу

ПРООН шукає консультанта з питань медіа моніторингу для роботи в Портфоліо сталого розвитку, енергетики та довкілля.


The main objective of the assignment is to conduct media monitoring and analysis, and to develop media monitoring reports about key media stories related to the work of the Sustainable Development, Energy and Environment Portfolio, thematic media reports, press clipping reports, and other related reporting and analytical materials.


Under the direct supervision of the UNDP Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development Programme Coordinator the Consultant will carry out the following activities:

3.1. Review the background documents provided by UNDP to obtain a better understanding of the goals and context in order to tailor the planned reports to portfolio priorities. Develop monthly and quarterly detailed work plan identifying timelines, activities, priorities and deliverables in consultation with UNDP and submit to UNDP for approval.

3.2. Perform weekly, monthly and quarterly media monitoring reports on the major Ukrainian national and regional media outlets (printed and online, including but not limited to daily and weekly newspapers, news agencies, think tanks, online news websites, radio and TV stations), as well as social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other), that mention UNDP, its activities and key issues of interest for the Sustainable Development, Energy and Environment Portfolio. All reports should include the information outlined below in the Media Report Format, but not limited to it:

  • Title (original and translated into English)
  • Top topics over the covered period
  • News extracts with links
  • Source (name of media; type of media (TV, printed edition, webpage, news agency, think tank, Facebook/Twitter account, YouTube); type of material (article/opinion/report/analysis); reach; engagements
  • Date published
  • The tone of coverage (positive, neutral, or negative)
  • Relevant topics (keywords), as agreed with UNDP
  • Relevant indicators, as agreed with UNDP
  • Infographics, including comparison infographics, illustrating dynamics of specific topics and relevant media trends

Weekly reports should be prepared in Ukrainian. Monthly and quarterly reports should be prepared in Ukrainian and English.

3.3. Prepare monthly and quarterly press clipping reports, which will include supporting electronic copies and scanned copies of all the materials mentioned in the media monitoring report for the period.

3.4. Prepare thematic media reports upon projects requests. Media reports for projects should be thematically categorized by the relevant subtopics and a set of indicators will be developed for each project accordingly. Thematic media reports may also include event coverage monitoring reports.

3.5. Identify and promptly alert UNDP on any potential crisis situations in media.

3.6. Prepare presentations, infographics and statistics describing the coverage of identified topics, general media dynamic and trends in the areas of interest for UNDP, and comparative analysis of results vis-a-vis the previous reporting periods (monthly, quarterly reports).

3.7. Provide UNDP with any other media monitoring support as requested and agreed in monthly/quarterly work plans.

3.8. Develop a final report covering the whole assignment, followed with all relevant Annexes with all outputs produced.


The Consultant should possess the following qualifications, experience and skills:

Educational background:

  • At least Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Marketing, Public Relations, Communications, Economics, Social Sciences, Statistics, Political Science, Development, International Relations, Linguistics or other relevant studies.

Professional Experience:

  • At least 3 years of experience in media monitoring/clipping, PR efficiency monitoring, journalism and/or communications or similar.
  • Proven record of successful delivery of media monitoring/clipping services, evidenced with samples of at least 2 relevant previously prepared media monitoring reports.
  • Excellent writing skills, with analytic capacity and ability to synthesize inputs and relevant findings (proven with samples of at least 2 previously prepared or co-authored presentations, infographics, articles or documents).
  • Previous relevant experience with UNDP, other UN Agency, international organizations or donors would be an asset.

Language Skills:

  • Fluency in Ukrainian/Russian and English is required

To see more details and apply, please follow the link

Deadline for application: 10-Oct-19 

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