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Advocacy and Communication Associate (Kramatorsk)

UNDP invites applications from highly-qualified and experienced Ukrainian professionals for the post of Advocacy and Communication Associate in Kramatorsk.


The ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine has had a direct and highly negative impact on social cohesion, resilience, livelihoods, community security, and the rule of law. In 2015 the Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme (RPP), a multi-donor funded framework programme was formulated and launched by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in collaboration with the Government of Ukraine and in cooperation with a number of partnering UN agencies (UN Women, FAO, UNFPA). The RPP was designed to respond to and mitigate the causes and effects of the conflict. The RPP involves three pillars for action: 
  • restoration of infrastructure and economic recovery;
  • support to local governance and related capacity building; 
  • social resilience and peacebuilding. 
As an area-based programme specifically developed for the conflict-affected areas of eastern Ukraine, the RPP addresses the key stabilization, peacebuilding, economic and governance priority needs in eastern Ukraine following the start of the conflict. 
Component ІІІ of RPP «Community Security and Social Cohesion» (CSSC) aims to reach the goal of Enhanced community security for people in conflict-affected areas, with a focus on IDPs and host communities through enhancing community security; civic mobilization and empowerment of communities; reconciliation and restoration of social cohesion. 
CSSC approach is being implemented through Community Security and Social Cohesion Working Groups as open dialogue platforms which are inclusive and representative of the respected communities. CSSC Mobilization Methodology involves the use of participatory methods and involving wide range of stakeholders to look for and implement community-based solutions for community security, civil protection and social cohesion.
Although UNDP has had a number of interventions aimed at addressing the security and peacebuilding challenges in eastern Ukraine, development challenges remain. Citizens living in those conflict affected areas and in particular close to the contact line have the need and the right:
  • to have effective mechanisms for transforming and resolving conflicts: these mechanisms can range from those that generate early warning, to alternative mechanisms as well as those that bolster citizens’ initiatives and official institutions; 
  • to feel secure in their community: this implies that relevant conflict-sensitive law enforcement and security services are in place at local level and are delivered effectively and efficiently; 
  • to be more engaged in creating a secure, peaceful and stable community: this implies that citizens play a key rule in enhancing security in their communities, through increased participation and improved communication with law enforcement agencies.
The Project, working at the community level, but closely-linked to national and regional structures and reform processes, will operate in four regions: the conflict-affected Oblasts of Donetsk and Luhansk, and Dnipropetrovsk and Zhytomyr oblasts. 
To address and tackle the above mentioned challenges UN is implementing Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme (RPP) in Ukraine. 
UNDP invites applications from highly-qualified and experienced Ukrainian professionals for the post of Advocacy and Communication Associate to provide support to increase an awareness of the beneficiary population on matters relating to community security and social cohesion, and to ensure that security and justice service providers are adequately equipped with advocacy and communication knowledge and tools. 
Organizational setting
The project will be managed through the Area Office in Kramatorsk. The Advocacy and Communication Associate will be based in the Kramatorsk Office and will be under the operational supervision of the Community Security and Social Cohesion Coordinator and overall supervision of the Community Security and Social Cohesion Specialist. The Advocacy and Communication Associate will provide technical and advisory support on designing of the communications and advocacies on community security and social cohesion, and on strengthening effective community/civil society-service providers communication engagements and information sharing. He/she will be responsible for the   implementation of all information sharing and awareness raising campaigns under the Community Security and Social Cohesion Component of UN Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme in close cooperation and coordination with Communications Specialist. 
Duties and Responsibilities
The Advocacy and Communication Associate will be responsible for: 
  • Delivering the specific activities envisaged in the Project (and in other Projects under Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme umbrella) in targeted information campaigns, awareness raising campaigns in collaboration and coordination with the project’s Communication Specialist;
  • Supporting the work performed under UN RPP CSSC Component in relation to safety and security and justice service providers, their advocacies and communications for local population, as well as other outputs, by developing and forging partnerships with project and national and regional sector stakeholders (civil society and governmental); 
  • Supporting the CSSC Component team to align and integrate advocacy and communications plans and strategies at the local level with the processes at the regional and national levels;
  • Communicate results based on corporate principles of gender-responsive communications and non-discriminatory language.

 Specifically, s/he will perform the following tasks:

  • Providing support to designing and strengthening effective community/civil society-service providers communication engagements and information sharing.

Provision of advisory services:

  • Organize the system of systematic collection of data disaggregated by sex, age, and other identifiers and information on activities in the community security and social cohesion area for further preparation of the materials and dissemination in all target locations, including regional and national level.

Project planning and implementation:

  • Provide communication support to CSSC Component staff in relation to planning, implementation and monitoring of the project activities, including drafting advocacy and communication plans, preparation of the training manuals and hands-out materials, preparations to the meetings and conferences with security and justice key service-providers.

Capacity building of the stakeholders:

  • Coordinate implementation of capacity development support and provide technical advice on information sharing and communication to local administration, court, police, legal aid providers and other local and regional authorities to develop and implement plans which strengthen their communication component;
  • Promote skills for achieving the gender equality agenda with partners and beneficiaries;
  • Pilot different forms of information sharing and communication sharing between and among civil society and public institutions on community security and conflict-related issues at local level;
  • Improving transparency in police, courts, local administrations by establishing effective and conflict-sensitive communication channels;
  • Support civil society and community groups to develop skills to effectively communicate with public institutions (including police, courts) on community security and access to justice issues in conflict-sensitive manner;
  • Build the capacities of the public institutions in covering their activities and reporting their results in community security and social cohesion;
  • Advise and design communications materials for various state institutions with which UN RPP Community Security and Social Cohesion Component is working closely.

Facilitation of the strategic partnerships:

  • Develop and maintain close working relationships with local civil society and community groups, security and justice service providers and local administrations to facilitate project implementation, as well as identify issues, risks, priorities, and opportunities that support effective project monitoring and implement advocacy and awareness raising campaigns;
  • Liaise with Project partners and facilitate communication on Project-related activities including organizing joint thematic learning and networking events;
  • Initiate, support and coordinate establishment of local and regional networks of civil society, security and justice service providers and local administrations specialists for regular exchange of the best practices and lessons learned in communication on community security, access to justice and social cohesion;
  • Create and facilitate a strong connection and experience sharing on expert level and organizational level with national and foreign organizations and networks working on advocacy and communications in community security and social cohesion.

Knowledge management and communication of results:

  • Based on implemented activities, prepare regular updates (written and verbal) on UN RPP CSSC Component’s results, achievements and challenges;
  • Ensure regular coverage within UN RPP and beyond of the activities performed by UN RPP CSSC Component related to community security and social cohesion;
  • Monitor and communicate the key interventions of the Project on community security and social cohesion particularly for vulnerable groups such as IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons), ex-combatants, children, the elderly, and survivors of Sexual and Gender-based Violence (SGBV);
  • Collect data and facilitate communications on the progress and achievements of and between civil society and service-providers;
  • Provide inputs into regular project reports to the donors.

Support to Project management and implementation:

  • Support the Community Security and Social Cohesion Specialist and Community Security and Social Cohesion Coordinator to develop necessary documentation (concept notes, briefs, fundraising notes, talking points and prospects) to operationalize and steer programmatic initiatives and activities;
  • Contribute to UN RPP CSSC Component’s work on innovations in communications and advocacy , support the preparation of information notes, news write ups, maintaining thematic blogging and social media accounts, etc.;
  • Perform other duties as required.

Required Skills and Experience

  • Bachelor degree in public relations, journalism, communications, Public Administration, Social Sciences, Political Sciences, Psychology, Law or related field;
  • 3 years of experience in working with the local/regional authorities and non-governmental organizations, media in the field of social cohesion, field of administration, programme/project support or other relevant fields;
  • Experience developing outreach campaigns, using a wide range of communications tools, and in partnership with civil society or government is a requirement;
  • Knowledge of UNDP corporate principles of gender-responsive communications and non-discriminatory language;
  • Experience working with the UN system agencies or other international development organizations in the communications field would be an asset;
  • Fluency in English, Ukrainian, and Russian,

This is a locally recruited position and no expatriation benefits will apply.


If you wish to apply for this or other positions with UNDP, please visit UNDP in Ukraine website, section Jobs and apply online:

UNDP will use a transparent and competitive screening process, though will only contact those applicants in whom there is further interest. Applications may only be submitted for specific vacancy. Qualified women are strongly encouraged to apply.


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