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Експерт з оцінки проекту

Карітас Україна шукає експерта з оцінювання.

PROJECT: “Sustaining Economic Recovery for Peace” (SERP)


The International Charitable Foundation “Caritas Ukraine” calls for tender bids to conduct an external evaluation of the Project Sustaining Economic Recovery for Peace (SERP) which has been implemented in three cities within Ukraine: Odesa, Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky and Izmail.

The project is being executed by ICF Caritas Ukraine. To realize the main project activities related to business education the implementing agency has cooperated with selected business schools and business experts.

The project’s aim is to contribute to the regional prosperity of Odesa oblast by providing equitable access to employment opportunities for 2040 job-seekers and increased capacity for entrepreneurial skills for 525 potential entrepreneurs to achieve sustainable income and improve community cohesion. The project targets both Internally Displaced People (IDP) and the local population and has a geographic focus on the cities of Odesa, Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, and Izmail.

The objective of the evaluation is to assess: a) the extent to which the project/program has already achieved its objectives and results or is likely to achieve them, including the extent to which the lives of the project/program beneficiaries (women, men) has already been improved. Also, the extent to which supported institutions have already benefitted people; b)the extent to which cross-cutting issues (gender equality, social inclusion, and environmental protection) were applied; c) the best practices and lessons learned from the almost three years project experience.


Bids are accepted till


Contract signing


Evaluation process period

23.07.2019 – 28.08.2019

Final report



The detailed information about terms and conditions is enclosed to this tender invitation as ToR documentation. 

The contact person is:   Ms. Valentyna Butkovska, Project Manager

Phone:  +380 67 519 4050


The bids have to send till the 19 of June 2019 18.00 only to e-mail:


  • Valentyna Butkovska
  •  +380675194050
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