Quality Assurance Engineer/Інженер технічного нагляду

Успішні кандидати надаватимуть технічну підтримку й консультації інфраструктурному підрозділу операційного центру ЮНОПС в Україні.

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Quality Assurance Engineer/Інженер технічного нагляду

Job categories Engineering

Vacancy code VA/2019/B5116/17924

Department/office ECR, EOC, Ukraine

Duty station Home based

Contract type Local ICA Specialist

Contract level LICA Specialist-8

Duration Retainer up to 100 working days per year

Application period 15-May-2019 to 16-Jun-2019

UNOPS Office in Ukraine Background

In response to the request of the Government of Ukraine and further to the meeting between the President of Ukraine and UNOPS Executive Director on 15 May 2016 the United Nations Office for Project Services concluded an Agreement between the Government of Ukraine and the UNOPS on the opening of the UNOPS Office in Ukraine. The Agreement was signed on 22 November 2016.

According to the Agreement the UNOPS Office in Ukraine is to provide a broad spectrum of services to the Government and people of Ukraine including but not limited to infrastructure, procurement, contracting, recruitment and administration, implementation of technical assistance, humanitarian and investment projects that are funded by the Government, international organizations, local communities, foreign governments and non-for-profit organizations, international financial institutions, UN Agencies and alike.

UNOPS Office in Ukraine has a varied portfolio of projects including infrastructure project management support to partners and management of partner personnel projects with UN agencies in the region. The scope of assignment will include the management of the construction and design stages with several contractor/s for the construction/refurbishment of multiple sites, as well as fit out and installation of all equipment and furniture.

Functional Responsibilities

Purpose and Scope of Assignment

The Quality Assurance Engineer is home-based retainer in Ukraine to provide services ensuring smooth implementation of the engineering works within ongoing and developing projects. The Quality Assurance Engineer will provide technical support and advice to UNOPS Ukraine (UAOC Infrastructure Unit). In order to ensure the quality of the construction/rehabilitation and compliances with the design, Bill of Quantities & specifications, health & safety and social/environmental requirements, national construction norms and standards, UNOPS contracts. Quality Assurance Engineer will monitor, verify and certify the agreed task of construction works on ongoing projects.

Quality Assurance Engineer will visit sites with agreed or necessary frequency to carry out the supervision and to check the quality of performed works, materials, plants and workmanship.

She/he will ensure that the as-built documentation provided is in compliance with legal provisions, requirements presented in urban planning documents, construction norms, standards and rules that are effective when the documentation is handed over.

The Quality Assurance Engineer will work in projects which may be characterized by unique or complex challenges. This may involve frequent field travels, exploration of subject area, definition of scope and selection identification of unique problems for investigation, and development of novel concepts and approaches.

Functions/Key Results Expected:

  1. Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  2. Sites supervision
  3. As-built documentation control
  4. Building and maintaining knowledge platforms

1. Quality Assurance and Quality Control

  • Undertake quality assurance, quality control and related procedures on construction sites.
  • Undertake cost control and related procedures.
  • Undertake verification of construction workmanship and materials. Responsible for the quality assessment of materials, by witnessing and/or conducting frequent laboratory tests.
  • Review and contribute to Contractor’s Quality Health and Safety, Social and Environment plans and ensure its compliance.
  • Assist in the control of variation order and contract amendment procedures.
  • Arrange, organize and document regular site meetings.
  • Manage Contractor's Work Substantial Completion - Client Provisional Handing Over.
  • During the Defect Notification Period (DNP), intervene as required and liaise with the contractor to fix in a timely manner issues that arise and covered by the defect notification period.
  • Provide UNOPS with photographic (before, ongoing, after) and reports including lessons learned
  • Submit necessary documentation and assign to state declarations.
  • Assist with the development, and subsequent oversight of project QA/QC plans and protocols for construction, construction equipment and materials.
  • Ensure the establishment of quality procedures including time limits for inspection, sampling and testing of works, materials and other QA/QC requirements.
  • Keep record of all documentation regarding QA/QC.
  • Track and Report all non-conformances to the Project Manager/Senior Engineer.
  • Maintain close relationship with UNOPS QA/QC Office.

2. Sites Supervision

  • Provide required technical advice and inputs to internal and external reports.
  • Ensure that works performed on site correspond to the design and technical solutions.
  • Undertake progress control and related procedures.
  • Undertake calculation of the scope of performed works.
  • Review and approve contractor’s work plans, detailed design, shop and erection drawings.
  • Ensure on site works are provided in accordance to all Health and Safety, Social and Environmental requirements, norms, national and international best practices. 
  • Organize and participate (supervise) in substantial acceptance tests, inspections, proceedings, start-up, commissioning, etc. and handover proceedings.
  • Assist in the start-up of project operation in adjusting, balancing, identifying deficiencies and assisting in obtaining corrections, and performing inspections prior to the end of the project defect notification period.
  • Monitor and inspect off-site and on-site work for compliance to applicable codes, accepted engineering practices and laws.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Senior Engineer in the agreed timeframe.

3. As-built documentation and control

  • Review, approve and collect as-built drawings/documentation.
  • Prepare a Defect List and ensure that all defects are corrected.
  • Material samples check and approve using Technical Standard Submittal forms. 
  • Check the Certificates of Conformity for materials.

4. Building and maintaining knowledge platforms

  • Responsible for quality awareness training to build capacity of infrastructure department and contractors.
  • Responsible for quality assurance training and development of national capacity, ensuring specific quality standards are constantly met at all levels of the project.

The effective and successful achievement of results by the Quality Assurance Engineer directly impacts the successful delivery of the ongoing projects on time, budget and quality according to the expectations of all stakeholders.  This consequently reinforces the visibility and image of UNOPS as an effective service provider in project services and management and strengthens its competitive position as a partner of choice in sustainable development and project services.


  • Advanced university Degree (Master or equivalent) in Civil Engineering
  • OR technical/professional diploma in Civil Engineering (Bachelors or equivalent) in combination with 2 additional years of experience may be accepted in lieu of a Masters degree.
  • Certified/Registered for construction supervision and quality assurance from Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing Ukraine. 


  • A minimum 5 years of experience in conducting inspections of construction and rehabilitation sites is required.
  • Strong computer skills and advanced working knowledge of Microsoft Office.
  • Advanced knowledge and skills in a CAD software is an asset.


  • Fluency in written and spoken Russian and Ukrainian is required.
  • Working knowledge of English is required.


  • https://jobs.unops.org/Pages/ViewVacancy/VADetails.aspx?id=17924#4
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