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Вакансії старших проектних менеджерів для реформи управління Секретаріату Кабміну

EDGE шукає старших проектних менеджерів для реформи управління Секретаріату Кабміну.

PRSM is currently seeking for candidates to fill the following expert positions: for the Governance Reform of the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine:

Team Lead

Senior RBM expert

RBM expert

Gender impact assessment expert

Vacancy announcement:

New vacancies for senior project managers!

We are looking for experienced project managers to join the EDGE initiative in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Together with your Government counterparts, you will be implementing an improved system of strategic planning with a strong focus on results. You will be also helping to incorporate citizen impact assessment into the policy development process.

Team Lead will be leading the team of 8-10 experts working in a challenging multi-stakeholder environment and should be able to operate independently, set goals in line with the scope defined by EDGE, and deliver on them on time. The Team Lead will serve as a principal liaison between the project and the relevant government beneficiary in his/her respective area of operation. Team Lead will also develop together with EDGE action plans, timeline and KPIs to facilitate reform implementation; resolve problems and obstacles encountered during implementation; participate in the development and implementation of strategic planning methodology based on Result-Based Management (RBM) Principles and best international governance practices; conduct review of Cabinet procedures and SCMU business processes and suggest improvements based on international best practices; will be proactively involved in RBM IT tool development, will deliver RBM trainings and perform other project related tasks as agreed with EDGE.

Senior RBM expert and RBM expert will be responsible for development and implementation of the strategic planning methodology in coordination with SCMU and Ministries, including participation in development of policies and procedures related to planning and monitoring based on RBM principles, organizing and delivering RBM trainings to civil servants at the SCMU, Ministries and agencies, implementation of selected Governance practices into the work of SCMU and Ministries, prepare a set of training materials on implementation of RBM etc. Experts will also support SCMU and few pilot Ministries in the development of Policy Briefs and Ministerial Books.

Gender impact assessment expert will be responsible for providing recommendations on development of gender (and in a broader sense vulnerable groups) component as a part of policy analysis and impact assessment methodology, as well as practical implementation under the CMU Secretariat supervision. The Expert will be conducting research and legislative analysis, support Ministries on the integration of gender approaches in the development of regulatory legal acts, holding consultations with various stakeholders, making presentations, and conducting trainings for civil servants etc.

  • RBM (Results-Based Management) is an internationally recognized planning methodology used by the Government of Canada, Governments of OECD member states, the UN, the World Bank and other organizations. Helps to move away from process-based planning to result-oriented plans. Includes the following components: Logic Model, Work plans, and Indicators.
  • GBA + (Gender Based Analysis +) is an analytical tool for assessing the impact of government policies and reforms on different population groups. Officially used in the Government of Canada. The plus in the name stands for assessment of broad impact on citizens: this includes not only gender parameters, but also age, income level, mental or physical disability etc.

Application submission:

Applications must be prepared in English and delivered electronically to the following address: [email protected] indicating in the subject line the position on which you are applying for (i.e. Team Lead SCMU). We do not welcome unsolicited phone calls.

All submissions must include:

1)      Applicant’s CV;

2)      Applicant’s brief letter of interest indicated related experience and achievements.

For more detailed information about preferred qualifications and skills, indicative duties and responsibilities, as well as applying procedure, please, visit web-site:  


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