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Gender and Vulnerable Populations Inclusion Specialist, Краматорськ

DAI Global оголошує конкурс на заміщення вакансії Gender and Vulnerable Populations Inclusion Specialist.

1.          Project Background:

 The purpose of the USAID Economic Resilience Activity is to improve the overall economic resilience of eastern Ukraine in response to Russia’s aggression, which has disrupted critical market linkages, catalyzed the economic decline of previously dominant industries, and caused massive population disruption. This activity aims to improve the economic resilience of eastern Ukraine through accomplishing the following objectives:

 ·         OBJECTIVE 1: Provide assistance to stabilize the economy of eastern Ukraine

·         OBJECTIVE 2: Support the sustainable development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in eastern Ukraine

·         OBJECTIVE 3: Build confidence in the future of the eastern Ukrainian economy

By accomplishing these objectives, the economy of eastern Ukraine will be more diversified, more integrated with the rest of Ukraine, less dependent on Russia, and the region’s residents will be better equipped to compete for the jobs of the future, thereby improving the economic resilience of the region.  The activity will work primarily in the oblasts most affected by Russia’s aggression, Donetsk and Luhansk, but will also be active in the surrounding oblasts and throughout Ukraine as required to achieve the objectives.

2.          Role’s Purpose:

 The main objective of the assignment is to promote inclusive programming that engages women, youth, people with disabilities, internally displaced people, and other disadvantaged populations thoughtfully and effectively. The Gender Inclusion Specialist will be responsible for coordinating across technical areas to incorporate best practices and strategies for inclusion of vulnerable groups. S/he will also lead outreach campaigns to sensitize the public, civil society, and targeted public and private sector actors with regards to inclusion and gender rights. S/he will manage the women entrepreneurs network.

 3.          Objectives and Duties 

  • Conduct a gender analysis and produce a gender and inclusion strategy to ensure gender and inclusion integration in all program activities.  For the analysis the Specialist will conduct interviews and review assessments already prepared by other USAID implementing partner and donors and carry out 2 focus group discussions (FGDs).
  • Provide oversight for economic vulnerability assessment.
  • Support ERA staff and subcontractors in developing the gender inclusion strategy.
  • Work directly with technical teams to ensure that gender is mainstreamed into all project activities and that inclusive practices to engage all citizens in the target oblasts are in place.
  • Collaborate with the monitoring and evaluation team to ensure that performance in gender and inclusion mainstreaming is assessed through target indicators that measure participation of women, and area consistent disaggregation of data by gender and other inclusion factors.
  • Ensure that project deliverables such as work plans, quarterly and annual performance reports include planning for and reporting on gender and inclusion initiatives.
  • Interface regularly with women’s organizations and organizations that represent other vulnerable populations at the national and local levels, and maintain positive, productive relationships with the representatives and their constituents.
  • Provide training and technical assistance to ERA staff and to partners on issues related to gender and inclusion.
  • Ensure strong coordination and collaboration with other USAID funded activities working with workforce development and vulnerable populations.
  • Manage the women entrepreneurs network activity, including coordination and reporting.
  • Organize gender and vulnerable groups pause and reflect sessions.
  • Write gender results analysis for quarterly and annual reports.
  • Spearhead production of success stories related to women and vulnerable populations including writing and taking high quality photos at events that show women actively/ productively engaged.

 4.          Qualifications

 ·         Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field (social work, sociology, gender studies etc.).

·         Minimum 8 years of experience in gender mainstreaming working with civil society, the public and private sectors.

·         Experience implementing projects for the prevention and inclusion of women and vulnerable groups.

·         Prior experience working on USAID-funded projects and knowledge of USAID policies, strategies and regulations preferred.

·         Ability to work as a member of a collaborative team to design inclusive program implementation strategies in an array of technical fields.

·         Excellent communication skills both verbally and writing.

·         Excellent interpersonal relationships with national and international staff, in a multicultural environment and with multidisciplinary teams.



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