ПРООН в Україні шукає Програмного Асистента (Programme Assistant, UNV)

Програмний Асистент в ПРООН в Україні.

The UNV Field Units (FU) are mainly accountable for the mobilization and placement of UN Volunteers in UN Agencies, Funds, and Programmes focused on peace, development and humanitarian needs. The UNV Field Units represent and position UNV in the respective countries and bring UNV’s services and solutions closer to its partners from governments, UN entities, civil society and private sector.

Under the supervision of the Programme Analyst, the Programme Assistant provides administrative, operational and communications assistance in UNV Field Unit, in support of volunteer mobilization and deployment.

 Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Volunteer mobilization and deployment support
  • Support the deployment and assignment management of all UN Volunteer modalities;
  • Support the recruitment of national UN Volunteers, including updating and maintaining a national UN Volunteers local candidate talent pool;
  • Maintain files of all UN Volunteers assigned to the country, ensuring that all correspondence and periodic reports (online) are properly kept, and that related matters requiring action are brought to the attention of his/her supervisor;
  • Monitor and keep records of the contractual status of all serving UN Volunteers and flag to his/her supervisor follow-up actions on assignment extensions, renewals and replacements;
  • Monitor up-to-date volunteer leave records and ensure that all UN Volunteers manage absences as per the UN Volunteer Conditions of Service;
  • Maintain up to date contact records of all serving UN Volunteers, including their recognized dependents;
  • Ensure that initial contract documents, beneficiary forms and inventories of personal effects of UN Volunteers are up-to-date, and submitted to UNV headquarters in a timely manner, in accordance with the relevant provisions included in the UN Security Handbook as well as in the UN Volunteer Conditions of Service;
  • Liaise with UNV HQ and/or country of recruitment on the logistical and travel assistance of arriving UN Volunteers and his/her recognized dependents;
  • Facilitate government clearance and entry visas of incoming UN Volunteers and their recognized dependents;
  • Provide the necessary support to UN Volunteers upon arrival, to open bank accounts as well as to complete forms required to obtain visas, residence permits, etc.;
  • Undertake tasks for the local support of the UN Volunteers and recognized dependents in the country including in the cases of medical evacuation, security evacuations or the death of a UN Volunteer;
  • Ensure all conditions are met before the payment of final entitlements to UN Volunteers at the end of their assignment.

Administrative and logistical support:

  • Maintain inventories of all UNV-supplied, non-expendable equipment, and ensure records of all items purchased for UNV-executed projects are submitted to UNV headquarters and reflected in inventory lists of UNDP CO properly;
  • Maintain general office files and keep information and reference material in a manner that allows easy reference and retrieval;
  • If necessary, assist UNV headquarters with relevant ATLAS roles to ensure proper volunteer management;
  • Perform other communication and administrative duties as may be required.



  • Innovation. Ability to make new and useful ideas work. Level 2: Analyzes complex technical materials (including data) and makes concise, relevant recommendations;
  • Leadership. Ability to persuade others to follow. Level 2: Proactively identifies new opportunities and challenges;
  • People Management. Ability to improve performance and satisfaction. Level 2: Takes ownership of responsibilities;
  • Communication. Ability to listen, adapt, persuade and transform. Level 2: Understands, explains and shares information on assigned tasks with accuracy and clarity;
  • Delivery. Ability to get things done while exercising good judgement. Level 2: Meets goals and timelines for delivery of products or services;


  • Office Administration. Ability to manage day-to-day office activities (including but not limited to travel management, facilities and asset management, policy and procedures maintenance) to meet operational needs. Level 2: Execute & Learn: Execute & Learn: Perform defined tasks;
  • Operational Efficiency. Ability to identify and execute opportunities to improve operational efficiency. Level 2: Execute & Learn: Performs defined tasks efficiently and deepens knowledge of area of work;
  • Quality Assurance. Ability to perform administrative and procedural activities to ensure that quality requirements and goals are fulfilled. Level 2:Execute & Learn: Performs defined tasks efficiently and deepens knowledge of area of work;
  • Relationship Management. Ability to engage and foster strategic partnerships with other parties, inter-agency coordination and forge productive working relationships. Level 2: Technical Assistance: Performs defined tasks efficiently and deepens knowledge of area of work;
  • Project Management. Ability to plan, organize, motivate, and control resources, procedures and protocols to achieve specific goals. Level 2: Execute & Learn: Performs defined tasks efficiently and deepens knowledge of area of work;
  • Knowledge Management. Ability to capture, develop, share and effectively use information and knowledge. Level 2: Execute & Learn: Performs defined tasks efficiently and deepens knowledge of area of work.

 Required Skills and Experience:


  • Completed secondary education or a bachelor’s degree;
  • Certification in administration, accounting or finance or any training in ATLAS is an asset.


  • 5 years (in case of Completed secondary education) or 2 years (in case of a Bachelor’s degree) of relevant experience in administration and/or programme support services.

Language Requirements:

  • Fluency in English and Ukrainian;
  • Proficiency in Russian is an asset.


  • Experience using computers and office software packages (ERP, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.);
  • Experience in handling of web-based management systems is highly desirable.

 Application instructions:

 If you wish to apply for this or other position with UNDP, please visit UNDP website, section jobs and apply only:




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