Консультант з ОМТ у проект «Безпечні та доступні ліки для українців»

Проект «Безпечні та доступні ліки для українців» шукає консультанта.                                       


     HTA Consultant

International non-profit organization Management Sciences for Health (MSH) implementing in Ukraine the USAID funded Safe, Affordable and Efficient Medicines (SAFEMed) project is looking for an HTA Consultant.                    

Duration of duties:

The consultancy is effective from on/about February 1 until September 30, 2019.

 Overall Responsibilities

The overall purpose of this short-term consultancy is to contribute to the development of the HTA function in Ukraine under guidance and oversight of SAFEMed Senior Technical Advisor. 

Functional Responsibilities

  • Conduct grey and peer literature review in preparation for the HTA establishment and roll out in Ukraine;
  • Identify and map out key HTA stakeholders from the government, private sector and civil society in Ukraine;
  • Conduct an e-survey and/or face-to-face interviews with key HTA stakeholders to explore their views and opinions on the establishment of HTA and its place in the current decision-making processes in Ukraine; identify potential thought leaders and detractors.
  • Support Senior Technical Advisor in the assessment of SEC for the establishment the HTA structure;
  • Consolidate learnings from the literary review, stakeholder mapping and interviews into final English-language report under guidance and oversight of the SAFEMed Senior Technical Advisor;
  • Support the conduct of the international HTA conference/workshop in Kyiv, Ukraine scheduled for February 2019;
  • Document key findings and recommendations from the international HTA conference and other HTA and MCDA-related meetings;
  • Identify and document risks, challenges and opportunities with the available options which will lead to an option analysis.
  • Oversee implementation of the HTA option selected.


  • HTA literature review and state of play in Ukraine;
  • HTA stakeholders mapping;
  • Final consolidated English-language HTA report with learnings from the literary review, stakeholder mapping and interviews;
  • Documentation of key learnings from the international HTA conference/workshop in Kyiv;
  • Tool to monitor HTA function;
  • HTA function monitoring reports.


  1. 3 + year work experience gained in the healthcare and life sciences, in particular familiarity with pharmaceutical policies in Ukraine;
  2. Preferred prior experience providing technical assistance in the field of health technology management;
  3. 3.     Ability to analyze data, draw conclusions and summarize recommendations;
  4. 4.     Ability to search literature;
  5. 5.     Strong skills in conducting quantitative analyses with SPSS (or similar statistical software) and programming with Excel as well as experience in conducting interviews and analyze qualitatively;
  6. Experience working on complex projects;
  7. 7.     Well-developed written and verbal communication skills including presentations, meeting and workshop facilitation, business and report writing;
  8. 8.     Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively with others in and across the organization to accomplish team goals     
  9. 9.     Health Technology Assessment practical skills are strongly appreciated;
  10. 10Fluency in both English and Russian/Ukrainian languages required (both written and spoken);       

Minimum educational level:

Bachelor’s or advanced degree in health- or life-sciences, preferably with a postgraduate degree in Epidemiology, Pharmacology, Health Technology Assessment, Health Economics, public health or (bio) statistics. Medical degree is preferred.

Interested qualified candidates can send their CVs and motivation letter to ua-safemed@msh.org till January 18, 2019. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.


  •  ua-safemed@msh.org
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