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Фандрайзер у медіа-проект

Провідна міжнародна консалтингова компанія шукає фандрайзера у медіа-проект (далі - англ.).

Leading international consultancy company is looking for dynamic self-starters to work on an international fundraising campaign for a large-scale media project in Ukraine, January to October 2019. 

The work includes writing and preparing fundraising materials (written, digital, visuals), strategies, meetings, budgets and some international travel. 

We work in a small, flexible team.

The work is based in Kyiv, but will likely include some international travel.

The salary is competitive.

Fundamental requirements

Interest for, knowledge about and experience in media in Ukraine.

Ability to write/produce persuasive, innovative fundraising materials on media in Ukraine for an international audience. 

Strong written and spoken English (strong enough to make public presentations and write independently copy) is an absolute condition.

Self-starting personality and imagination.

If interested, please ASAP forward your CV including a cover letter to

Michael Andersen, Niras International Newshouse Coordinator

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed in Kyiv first week of January 2019.



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