Менеджер проектів в Internews (Київ)

Internews розшукує менеджера проектів у київський офіс. З головних вимог – 3–5 років досвіду програмної або адміністративної діяльності, вільна англійська, розуміння українського медіа-середовища.

Internews розшукує менеджера проектів у київський офіс. Якщо ви маєте 3–5 років досвіду програмної або адміністративної діяльності, вільно володієте англійською, до того ж добре розумієтесь на українському медіа-середовищі, читайте детальний опис вакансії та подавайтесь: https://bit.ly/project-manager-internews


The Project Manager will manage and coordinate all project events that take place in country, including production of local, national, and regional news content; promotion and selection of trainers and participants for trainings and other events; and liaising with local partners and other project staff to implement all project activities. S/he will identify and provide oversight of any consultants and trainers hired by the project when they are working in country.S/he will also work with project staff and partners to promote materials produced by project partners as well as to identify and support development of content that is relevant in local or regional contexts.


  • Provide programmatic, administrative, and logistical support to the Project Director for all project-supported activities that take place in country. Potential duties may include identifying and maintaining contact with local production houses and media partners; liaising with event invitees, speakers, trainers, and participants; collaborating with project staff in other countries on joint events or content production/promotion; and other responsibilities.
  • Work with media partners to identify topics for trainings; locate and contract local or international experts to hold these trainings and provide mentorship, in consultation with the Project Director.
  • Coordinate hiring and travel logistics and arrangements for project trainers, consultants, and event participants in conjunction with project staff as required. Duties may include assisting with visa applications, booking travel and accommodations, collecting and drafting hiring materials, etc.
  • Work creatively with project staff and partner media outlets and production houses to identify and develop country- or community-specific material for project supported production. Duties may include research on local trends and issues, correspondence with interested partners, supporting production of multimedia materials, etc.
  • Contribute narrative and monitoring and evaluation content to regular donor reports
  • Develop and/or contribute to project-related communications materials.
  • Collect and review financial report documents from local subrecipients as necessary to ensure compliance with donor regulations.
  • Monitor the local media environment and provide updates on current events, legal changes, and other information that could impact media and project activities in country to the project director and other project staff as necessary.
  • Promote project-related opportunities among potential and current beneficiaries and stakeholders through various channels, including social media.Demonstrate commitment to upholding Internews’ Core Values.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • 3-5 years programmatic and administrative experience, preferably working on USG or international donor-funded projects.
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • Strong interpersonal skills including diplomacy, tact, and the ability to negotiate.
  • Deep understanding of the local media sector, as well as working knowledge of the broader media environment in Eastern Europe.
  • Proficiency using Microsoft Office Suite and common online and social media platforms,
  • Must be self-reliant, resourceful, good problem-solver, good humored, and flexible.
  • Ability to work independently, efficiently, and reliably from a remote location, making sure that quality maintains high standards and is provided according to strict deadlines.
  • Strong managerial skills to coordinate project activities from a remote location; ability to travel to the country to provide face-to-face oversight when necessary.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with a diverse staff.
  • Bachelor degree in relevant field or equivalent standard of education.
  • Fluency in Russian and English required.


Internews – це міжнародна некомерційна організація в галузі розвитку ЗМІ з адміністративними центрами в Каліфорнії, Вашингтоні та Лондоні.



  • https://bit.ly/project-manager-internews
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