Вакансія менеджера з комунікацій

Проект USAID «Підтримка аграрного і сільського розвитку» («Агросільрозвиток») шукає менеджера з комунікацій. Дедлайн - 15 червня 2018 року (далі - англ.).

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Scope of Work


The Agriculture and Rural Development Support Project, hereafter ARDS or the ARDS project, is implemented through a four-year, cost-plus-fixed-fee completion type task order funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). ARDS builds on USAID’s previous projects in Ukraine and lessons learned by USAID/Ukraine, Ukrainian partners, and other donors. ARDS is implemented by Chemonics International, Inc. and began on September 7, 2016.

The project exists to help create a better governed agriculture sector that provides attractive livelihoods in rural areas of Ukraine. The two areas of focus for ARDS are the enabling environment and market development, with a focus on selected rural areas. The project works both at the national and oblast level, with a special focus on rural development in southern and eastern Ukraine. The project embraces the collaborating, learning, and adapting (CLA) framework promoted by USAID and incorporated into ADS 201. Across all tasks of the contract, ARDS works with government institutions, private sector entities, and other partners in planning, monitoring, and mapping outcomes, and thereafter scaling up what works and/or adapting by redesigning strategies and tactics employed to implement tasks.

Position Description

This is a professional position. The communications manager is a member of the Communications and Learning (C&L) office. The office is responsible for communications, monitoring and evaluation, learning and knowledge management. The office is responsible for oversight of the design and implementation of the performance monitoring and evaluation plan, capturing, documenting, disseminating and showcasing the performance, best practices, fostering learning and providing recommendations for refining project implementation tactics.  

The communications manager is primarily responsible for development and implementation of ARDS communications campaigns focused on local systems development, and the enabling environment more broadly. The communications manager will coordinate with other members of the C&L office, the ARDS Deputy Director, and task managers to support the design and implementation of ARDS communications initiatives primarily related to local systems and rural development, as well as support internal communications and learning.


The communications manager’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Become ARDS resident expert on communications focused on improving the management and development of consolidated territorial communities (CTCs)
  • Develop and lead implementation of communication initiatives focused on local systems development to foster behavior change of key CTC stakeholders to improve lives of rural citizens
  • Provide technical direction and implementation of behavior change communication tasks, ensuring that ARDS reaches beyond its direct interventions to affect the behavior of other actors in the public and private sectors that the project seeks to influence through its communications strategy and implementation plan.
  • With support from the Communications and Learning Director and other team members, lead collaboration, learning and adapting and knowledge management efforts by providing tools and training for the capture and sharing of lessons learned, new innovations and best practices and participating in periodic meetings with USAID projects, other donors and government partners.
  • Assume any other duties as assigned by the Communications and Learning Director
  • Support the adjustments to the communications strategy and its implementation as related to implementation of work plan tasks and behavior change efforts related to improving CTCs operations.  
  • Contribute to the design and implementation of communications tasks across the project tasks

Requirements and skills expected

  • Advanced degree related to public relations, marketing, or communications.
  • Highly creative and proactive communications expert with proven accomplishments related to the position
  • Experience conducting campaigns and managing subcontractors for a wide array of clients
  • Advanced level of written and oral communications skills (presentation, infographics, insights gathering, etc.)
  • Personally dedicated to increasing the well-being of Ukrainians living in rural areas of Ukraine
  • Capable of employing creativity to employ a range of communications tools directly or through agencies
  • Preferred previous experience for private/corporate business organizations or creative agencies.
  • Fluent English with excellent written and oral communications skills
  • Experience with donors a plus

Timing and Level of Effort

This assignment is full time and long-term employment. The assignment will begin on July 1, 2018.


The Communications Manager will report administratively to the Communications and Learning Director and will be embedded in a cross-functional team for the development of rural areas under the direction of the ARDS Deputy Director.

Application Instructions

Send electronic submissions to ards.hr@ukraineards.com by June 15, 2018. Please submit your CV and cover letter with “Communications Manager [+ your Family Name and First Name]” in the subject line. No telephone inquiries, please. Only finalists will be contacted.

Standards of Business Conduct

Compliance with Chemonics International’s standards of business conduct is required. The proposed individual agrees to perform her/his duties faithfully and to the best of her/his ability, to comply with local laws and customs, and to conduct her/himself in a manner consistent with Chemonics’ standards of business conduct and appropriate to Ukraine. Chemonics’ standards of business conduct are available in Chemonics’ field office or upon request. If the proposed individual encounters ethical questions or issues when employed by Chemonics, such as conflicts of interest, bribery or kickbacks, gifts, plagiarism, etc., please consult with the ARDS director at prader@ukraineards.com.


  • Проект USAID «Підтримка аграрного і сільського розвитку»
  • ards.hr@ukraineards.com
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