Тендер з надання послуг друку та дизайну

IFES Україна запрошує взяти участь в тендері з надання послуг друку та дизайну на період 16 місяців на контрактній основі. Дедлайн – 29 червня 2018, 16.00 за київським часом (далі - англ.).

Більше вакансій у розділі Вакансії

IFES is an independent, non-governmental organization (NGO) with headquarters registered in the United States of America. IFES supports citizens’ rights to participate in free and fair elections. Our independent expertise strengthens electoral systems and builds local capacity to deliver sustainable solutions. As the global leader in democracy promotion, we advance good governance and democratic rights by providing technical assistance to election officials, empowering the underrepresented to participate in the political process and applying field-based research to improve the electoral cycle. Since 1987, IFES has worked in over 145 countries – from developing democracies, to mature democracies.

IFES Ukraine requires the following services, on an as-needed basis for a 16-month period during 2018-2019. One or multiple blanket agreements could be contracted:

  • Pre-printing design services, including of handbooks, training manuals, training materials (folders, pens, notebooks), posters, leaflets, banners, reports and other day-to-day pre-printing design services.
  • Printing services, including handbooks, training manuals, training materials (folders, pens, notebooks), posters, leaflets, banners, reports and other day-to-day printing services.

The Service Delivery Quotation must contain the following for all services:

  1. Evidence of experience in providing similar services to at least three different companies/organizations in last three years. Please provide at least three references with full contact of the previous clients (name, title, e-mail and phone number)
  2. Price Offer, Availability, and Capacity (please, complete Annex A for required printing services/capabilities)

IFES requests bids for printing services on a per page and quantity ordered basis for each of the required printing categories or types that the printer can supply. Please only include values for services that you are applying for; it is not necessary to provide all services below to be competitive for this solicitation. (Please see Annex A for required printing services/capabilities).

Prospective contractors must submit the following information in the Response:

  1. A contact name, email address, and telephone number to facilitate communication between IFES and the prospective contractor.
  2. General information about the contractor’s history and experience.
  3. If a government, its agents, or agencies, have an ownership or managerial interest in the company, the prospective contractor must indicate this when submitting its offer. Failure to do so will result in the prospective contractor’s offer being removed from consideration.
  4. A brief outline of the company, including:
    1. Full legal name and address of the company or individual;
    2. Corporate and tax registration documents
    3. Full name of the legal representative (president or managing director) of the company (not applicable for individuals);
    4. Name of any individuals or entities that own 50% of more of the company;
    5. Year business was started or established; and
  5. The prospective contractor must disclose in writing with its Response any subcontracting that will take place under an award. Failure to disclose subcontracting relationships will result in the prospective contractor’s offer being removed from consideration.
  6. IFES requests quotations for the above listed services on a per page and quantity ordered basis.
  7. All costs must be in UAH and with VAT and without VAT, with all applicable taxes/charges clearly identified, provided against each of the categories of services described in this request. The selected Service Provider(s) must be based in Ukraine.
  8. All Responses shall be in the English language.

All quotations should be addressed to Mr. Najeebullah Yousef at nyousef@ifes.org  and Ms. Sajia Tokhi at stokhi@ifes.org   with “RFQ-18-039- Printing Services” in the subject line. no later than June 29, 2018 4:00 PM Kyiv Local Time.

Request for Quotations (RFQ-18-030-printing services), Annex_a_printing services can be downloaded as the attachments to this announcement.


  • stokhi@ifes.org
  •  nyousef@ifes.org
  • IFES Україна
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