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Аналітик для проведення якісного аналізу он-лайн ресурсів

IFES оголошує конкурс на вакансію аналітика для проведення якісного аналізу он-лайн ресурсів. Термін контракту - три місяці, з 1 червня 2018 року до 31 серпня 2018 року. Дедлайн - 12 травня 2018 року.

Більше вакансій у розділі Вакансії

Міжнародна фундація виборчих систем (IFES) розпочинає пілотний проект «Запобігання насильству по відношенню до жінок підчас виборчих процесів за допомогою онлайн-ресурсів» (далі VAWIE-Online). В рамках даного проекту для визначення та для з’ясування, яким чином упередження та насильство по відношенню до жінок в онлайн-ресурсах можуть вплинути на політичну участь жінок і чоловіків в Україні, IFES підтримує проведення якісного аналізу онлайн-ресурсів (нормативно-правових, інших медіа ресурсів). IFES оголошує конкурс на вакансію Аналітика для проведення якісного аналізу он-лайн ресурсів. Термін контракту - три місяці, з 1 червня 2018 року до 31 серпня 2018 року. (Далі - англ.).

The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), a non-profit international organization, supports citizens’ right to participate in free and fair elections without bias or discrimination based on gender, age, disability. IFES independent expertise strengthens electoral systems and builds local capacity to deliver sustainable solutions. As the global leader in democracy promotion, we advance good governance and democratic rights by providing technical assistance to election officials, and by empowering the underrepresented to participate in the political process. IFES Ukraine is launching a pilot project on Prevention of Violence Against Women in Elections through online resources (further VAWIE-Online). With the purpose to understand how prejudice or violence against women online can affect female and male citizen’s political participation in Ukraine, IFES requires a Quality Sentiment Analysis of online legal, regulatory and media resources.  For these services, IFES is seeking a Data Analyst for a three-month service contract. The period of performance within the service contract is June 1, 2018 – August 31, 2018.

The Data Analyst is expected to provide the following services (Scope of work):

  • To get familiar with the Crimson Hexagon software as a tool for conducting Quality Sentiment Analysis, and with the Guidelines, provided by IFES.
  • To develop an Action Plan of the VAWIE-Online Quality Sentiment Analysis using the Crimson Hexagon software as a tool.
  • To elaborate the List of keywords and phrases, which can be used to identify gender-based obstacles, harassment, violence, cyber-bullying in political and electoral context approved by IFES.
  • To elaborate Guidance on building effective filters and monitors with IFES-approved key words and phrases, used for preventing gender-based bias.
  • To create filters and monitors using IFES-approved keywords and phrases in Crimson Hexagon software.
  • To conduct Quality Sentiment Analysis and cross-analysis of different online platforms (minimum 8 complex online resources, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and submit it to IFES.
  • To prepare interactive presentations and visualization of the analytical findings in coordination with IFES.
  • To organize and moderate three work meetings for IFES and other stakeholders and to present Action Plan, preliminary and final analytical results with visualization in comprehensive visual formats.
  • To prepare the final report (approximately 15 pages with visualization) for submission to IFES.

The candidates eligible to apply can be either individuals or organizations from Ukraine.

The interested candidates should submit their proposals in English with the following information:

  • Full name (for individuals) and official name/title (for organizations)
  • Full contact information for the further communication
  • Education and general experiences:

-          For individual applicants – CV

-          For organizations – list of key specialists with their CVs.

  • Description of related experiences in producing quality analysis, data collection, validation, presentations, visualizations, reporting (essay maximum 150 words and 3 examples of these works with links to originals)
  • Confirmation of understanding gender equality issues, gender-based violence in societal, political and electoral context (essay maximum 150 words).
  • Confirmation of presentation skills (only shortlisted candidates can be asked to provide examples of presentations)
  • Registered status (for both, individuals and organizations) with confirmation of the official status
  • Detailed statement of expected cost for the services (total amount split by the payment for each type of services included in the Scope of work). The proposed price offer should contain detailed cost in Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH), with all applicable taxes/charges clearly identified, provided against each of the categories of services.

The proposals must be sent to Maksym Palamarchuk, e-mail [email protected],  with copy to Kateryna Makhova, e-mail [email protected] the deadline for applications is: May 12, 18:00 (Kyiv time).



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