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Вакансія асистента у Консультативній місії ЄС в Україні

Консультативна місія Європейського Союзу в Україні шукає асистента у RoL Component. Дедлайн - 9 лютого 2018 року (далі - англ.).

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The Operations Department manages and supervises the conduct of Mission activities whilst ensuring proper orientation and operational coherence towards the end state.

Duties and Responsibilities

The RoL Component Assistant will be required, in accordance with the EUAM Mandate, Code of Conduct and the General Service Conditions for Locally Contracted Staff Employed by EUAM Ukraine, Serving in Ukraine, to perform the following tasks:

  • Assist to Head of RoL Component in support of his/her duties in accordance with Mission policy and guidelines;
  • Contribute to internal operational meetings with regard to administrative matters of the projects; 
  • Perform translations of all types of documents, e.g. laws, administrate regulations, presentations, letters, reports etc. from English to Ukrainian language and vice-versa;
  • Perform interpretation in liaison and consecutive mode from English to Ukrainian or Russian language and vice-versa, inter alia at meetings and mentoring sessions attended by the Head of RoL Component;
  • Take notes/minutes;
  • Collect and analyse information contained in communications and publications received from different sources, including the press, in continuation of mission Press and Public Information Department with regards to the respective field of reforms;
  • Draft written analysis, reports and presentations;
  • Provide support in developing, planning and organizing meetings and events with local authorities, stakeholders and international organisations;
  • Perform administrative and secretarial duties, draft e-mails, memos, letters and other requested documents as required, including to maintain filing systems;
  • Assist and support the Line Manager in the coordination of projects;
  • Maintain, develop and file documents and recorded data in appropriate database, spreadsheets and all data-related files;
  • Prioritize tasks and deliver high quality of work in a timely manner even under pressure, perform on-call and irregular working schedule if required;
  • Deal with information with confidentiality and discretion;
  • Perform any other task as requested by his/her Line Manager.

Qualifications and experience

Eligibility criteria:

  • Enjoy full civil rights and do not have criminal record;
  • Be in possession of Ukrainian citizenship and/or of a (still) valid residence and work permits according to Ukrainian laws;
  • Have fulfilled any obligations imposed on him/her by the laws concerning military service;
  • Successful completion of a full course of university studies attested by a degree in Public Administration, Political Science, International Relations, Law, Social Sciences or Diplomacy or a closely related field of study, where the normal duration of university education in the country awarded is three (3) years or more;
  • After having fulfilled the educational requirements, at least five (5) years of relevant and proven full-time professional experience out of which a minimum of 2 years of experience in planning, implementation or management of projects in the private and/or public sector.

Essential criteria:

  • Be physically fit to perform the duties relating to the post;
  • Excellent communication skills of English, Ukrainian and Russian;
  • Very good knowledge and experience of Office Suite Package;
  • Good level of flexibility and self-reliance; experience and proven ability to manage projects and streamline processes in a complex organisation;  
  • Analytical and reporting skills and previous experience in Project Management as well;
  • Sound knowledge of Ukrainian government structures, governmental Institutions, structures and governance processes in the context of Civilian Security Sector Reform;

Additional advantageous assets:

  • Professional experience in an EU and/or International environment; 
  • Experience of working in an intercultural environment, with respect of diversity.

Personality assets:

  • Have strong sense of initiative, responsibility and autonomy;
  • Ability to build productive and cooperative working relationships with other staff members;
  • Ability to deal helpfully and courteously with people, including outside contacts.
The European Union Advisory Mission (EUAM) Ukraine is a non-executive mission of the European Union that formally began operations from its headquarters in Kyiv on 1 December 2014, following the Maidan revolution of 2013/14 and an invitation issued by the Ukrainian government.
EUAM Ukraine aims to assist the Ukrainian authorities towards a sustainable reform of the civilian security sector through strategic advice and hands-on support for specific reform measures based on EU standards and international principles of good governance and human rights.
The goal is to achieve a civilian security sector that is efficient, accountable, and enjoys the trust of the public.


The civilian security sector is comprised of agencies responsible for law enforcement and rule of law, such as the Ministry of Internal Affairs, National Police, National Anti-Corruption Bureau, Security Service of Ukraine, State Border Guard Service, General Prosecutor’s Office, local courts, with roles also played by civil society and the parliament of Ukraine.

To apply for the position and see more details please follow the link:


  • Консультативна місія Європейського Союзу в Україні
  • [email protected]
  • +380 977 553 924
  • +380 674 054 484
  • 01001 Україна Київ Володимирський узвіз 4в


Сергій Коломієць   1954 дні тому   #  

So, basically, the Mission is looking for a person that they would hire as an "Assistant", but whose role profile actually encompasses the duties pertinent to the fulltime operation of at least four different professionals: a translator AND interpreter, an office clerk/secretary, an analsyt/data miner, and a program developer. Come on now. You've got to be better than that. In this same spirit, why don't you hire one person with the functions of a driver, a guard, an on-site PR specialist (since if they drive the person and are around the person all the time, they can as well step in and give interviews, do some ad hoc publicity work), and, in free time, this driving genius could probably water flowers in the office.

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Сергій Коломієць   1954 дні тому   #  

And this "Perform any other task as requested by his/her Line Manager". Seriously? Any other task requested. You mean ANY other task? I would think very hard before applying if that kind of wording was ever officially offered on my prospective job responsibilities list.

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  •   Пiдписатися на новi

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